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Birds uplift the flight of the Sacred Soul


The wonderful flow of Birds has always been a precious gift in the understanding of the infinite journeys of the Self. Their unique ways and personality allow the lessons of Life to shine in ethereal wisdom and sharpen the sparkles of Symbol literacy.

Pedro del Mar & Blue Tente - You Left

Reference Source: Ted Andrews - Animal Speak

Birds are very special creatures, they live with us and we live with their magnificent resonating swirl. Wherever you are, notice the Beauty of Nature around you, reflected in the majesty of Flight.

Birds to the ancients are Gods. They fly high above the realms of Mortals.

Birds have a very ancient mythology about them, understanding their ways, their characteristics, both from a natural and supernatural perspective leads to great wisdom within the Self. Anything you study, you study Yourself for You and the study are the same, all flowing from within your sacred and divine Self.



In the Norse mythos, Odin the father of the Gods has two messenger ravens (Hugin) Thought and (Munin) Memory, symbolizing the cohesion of experience, for thought is circular and infinite, blending into the sphere of Knowledge and experience.

In the Central American songs of the Ages, Quetzalcoatl, the god of the Air, the brilliantly plumed feathered serpent, relates to the serpentine energy of existence, a reflection of our own Kundalini as it journeys through the seven chakra centres.

In the glowing Egyptian stories, Horus, wearing the mantle of the Hawk symbolizes the flight into the Spiritual realms of Self Knowing and Self understanding.



Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of Balance, Truth and Justice is shown with an ostrich feather. After You pass over, You are led into the Hall of Judgement in Duat by Anubis, the protector of the Underworld and your Heart is weighed with the feather of Ma’at on the scales of Justice. If the feather outweighs Your Heart then You are led into the next phase of eternity by the entwined couple Osiris and Isis and continue your journey of exploration. If however Your Heart is heavier than the feather then You are devoured by Ammut, a female demon who is part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile.



The opening sequence to the original film "Clash of the Titans" shows Lord Poseidon flying back to Olympus as a gull, clearly demonstrating the link to birds and the higher divine in us all.

Birds evolved from reptiles more than 140,000,000 years, although these figures are also approximations. Discoveries have been made, artefacts have been dated to show that human life existed on our planet more than TWO Billion years ago.



The oldest bird currently known is archaeopteryx, in Greek meaning “ancient wing.”

Birds are symbols of transcendence and a reminder to rise out of baseness into the realms of the divine, into that point of Heaven within, the still-point, balance within the Temple of the Self.

Birds reflect the union between the conscious and unconscious, symbolizing the achievement of full realization. These magical creatures awaken within us our own flights of inspiration and magical starlight.



Birds are primary symbols for initiation into Air, the period in which you open your awareness to higher Knowledge and in doing so connect with the infinite strands of the Universe, beyond the confines of Time and Space.

Air reminds the Beholder of Life to ride the winds and currents of change and evolution, the ever growing path of Your Life, the path of the Divine, for You hold Life within Yourself and are the Creator of Yourself.



Birds have their unique and sacred qualities which teach about our own unique traits and abilities.



Intelligence, watchfulness, magical and past-life connections. Please scrap this idea that the crow is an evil creature as it is far from that. The majesty of this beautiful bird with its shiny black coat, symbolizing the maternal Nature of the Universe is awe-inspiring. Make every moment of Life count, for this is a precious gift.
Blackbird Omens and mysticism. Only You can decipher the meaning as it’s your journey, there is no manual, you write your own path moment to moment.
Duck Maternal energy, graceful, comforting, protective. Enchanting!


Capable of reaching Heaven’s point, great perception, sharpness, bridging worlds.
Magpie Occult Knowledge, doorway to new realms, wily and wilful. Again this nonsense with magpies associated with thievery is beyond me. It will be interesting to make a study in order to discover the source of all this contention.
Owl Silent wisdom, nocturnal vision, healing powers, magical. When I was visiting our family in Devon, my Uncle Janek and myself were driving and an Owl swooped very close towards the car, One of those extra-ordinary moments!
Robin New growth, new beginnings, maternal, protective, messenger. Such cute and cuddly creatures. They bring smiles aplenty.
Swan Sensitivity, emotional, dreamer, mystical, longevity, maternal.


Symbolism of the Pigeon

The feisty Pigeon symbolizes the return to the Love and Security of the Home, breathing in the eternal sways of the Heart, contained within an All-Year round cycle.

Pigeons possess gentle and loving archetypal energies and have extra-ordinary homing sense abilities. They teach how to find our way back Home when we feel lost.



They drink by sucking up water from their beaks, and hence reflect the ability to draw on energies from the Home.

They teach us to remember early Home Life, to remember who we are and where we come from, the foundations for Life. They reflect fertility of Home and Family, denoting safety and security within Nature eternal.

Keep your eyes open and more importantly, allow your inner eye (Ajna) to see beyond the gates of Death and Rebirth, feel the flow of Universal lightness.