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The feminine magic of
Shapeshifting and Invisibility


The Beautiful and Sacred fox symbolizes the awakening to the feminine magic of Camouflage, Shapeshifting and Invisibility, in freeing the Creative life force from within, to take shape in the multi forms of Art.

Oliver Shanti - Journey to Shambala

The fox represents the nocturnal flow of Life, and the cycle of Power where fox magic is most potent is at Dawn and Dusk.

There are twenty-one different species of foxes. This has great metaphysical significance, as Card twenty-one in The Tarot is the World/Universe. This Magnificent card reflects a new World opening up, a new way of thinking, the process of Creation within bubbling up to the surface and beyond the confines of the ordinary.

The World is shifting into new patterns that are beneficial to the Journey of the Individual and bring the Beholder of Life a fresh perspective in the flows of magical sentience.

As the fox is a creature of the Night, it is imbued with great Supernatural power and is most visible at the times of Dusk and Dawn, the “between Times”, the magical realms which intersect our own World. The fox is a guide that can open up into the realms of the Faerie, the land of mystery and adventure.

In Oriental lore, the Fox was known to assume human form and vice versa, for humans to assume the form of the fox. This teaches to recognize the magic of the feminine which is within us all whether you are male or female, bringing into balance the energies of Creation.



Foxes are symbols of Protection, both personal and in aiding those who have passed over to find their way into the afterlife. They make great impressions in the journey of Living.

An examination of fox behaviours and characteristics give a clue as to the qualities of symbolic meaning apparent in these Gorgeous creatures; their sharp snouts help to focus the energy of will and determination. Their large ears help to keep cool in Summer and listen to the songs of Gaia. Their long bushy tails help to channel the feminine Creative force. Their long thin legs help in balance and co-ordination.

Foxes have Great Stamina and are masters of the Art of Camouflage, to blend in with surroundings, moving with silence and keeping intentions private.

This is reflected in learning to recognize and nourish the aura, the energy field which surrounds and penetrates the physical body.

Foxes can run up trees. This reflects the ability to move into new dimensions and new ways of thinking and perceiving the World. Foxes can also teach clairaudience, the ability to hear the voice of Spirit.

Foxes have excellent eyesight, the ability to see beyond the norm of physical awareness and look into the more deeper places and spaces. Their keenest ability is the sense of smell. This teaches to use the art of discernment, the ability to sniff out situations and people and to ascertain if the flow is right for the individual.



Foxes have also one partner for Life, reflecting this quality in relationships, in finding your Perfect mirror, Your Beloved Soulmate for Life.

The Love of the Home is very important to those with Fox totems. The need to make and create the Sanctuary for Life.

The fox is a Survivor and a great Hunter, a perfect friend to Nature.

Foxes have small appetites which teach the Beholder to eat sparingly. This is beneficial to those who wish to keep lean and trim.

Foxes are dainty, graceful and light-footed. These traits shine in the personality of the individual with Fox as their Totem.

One of foxes cleverest tricks is “charming”. Using this technique the fox will perform various antics while at the same time drawing closer to its prey. Then at right moment, the fox leaps and captures its prey. This teaches to draw your goals and aspirations to you with all the Passions of your Heart.


Source: Ted Andrews - Animal Speak