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The Friendly Slug of Eternal Devotion


How wonderfully Gorgeous Life swirls in colourful glows  and delicate sways when the Beauty of Nature shows herself within the eternal flow of Love and Compassion. The resplendent rhythm of Gaia beats softly and serenely in the Heart of magical enchantment. Creatures of the Earth come to visit at the precise moment where manifestation takes place, to teach in the most delightful way imaginable in the Sphere of luminescence. The sacred snail is One such magnificent Creature.

Buddha Bar - Playa Blanca

The Slug and Snail come from a truly mystical place of protection, providence, deliberation and perseverance. They are the universal symbol of stability and steadfastness, and flow along the Journey of Life, leaving behind their beautifully iridescent and ethereal trail of Knowledge.

The spiral on the Snail's shell is a symbol of evolution, expansion, mystery and changing cycles in the eternal journey of Love and Delight. The Snail and Slug are communicators on all levels; spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. They are nocturnal creatures and share their flow of affection with the Moon, the feminine principle of Creation.



Slug from Ted Andrews “Animal-Wise”

Keynote: Movement to the light; increasing fertility and divination.

The slug is an ancient tool for divination, often considered sacred. It's slimy trail was guidance in life and in decisions. When placed within a flower, it's trail was the sacred writing of a future marriage partner. It is a symbol of the male seed, the origin of life, the silent slow tendency of darkness to move toward the light.

The slug is related to the yod in the Hebrew alphabet, both being very similar in shapes. In Qabalastic traditions, the letter yod stands for the occult faculty of touch and of the sexual union. It is shaped like the sacred seed. In the Qabalastic Tree of Life, the yod is associated with the path of the Hermit, the Wayshower or the Adept.

When the slug appears as a totem or messenger, we are opening to higher vision. A new path is opening: This path (the Hermit Path) and its symbols and imagery place before us opportunities to become a new person. On a spiritual level this path stimulates a greater commitment to the spiritual life. We are setting energy in motion that proclaims to the universe, "I am ready to accept change in my life!"


The Snail and Slug at their most primal forms are that of a Healer of body, mind and Spirit. Native Americans allowed the Banana Slug to crawl around in their mouths when they had toothache as Slug's mucous is an anaesthetic. Healing takes place with devotion and pure and unconditional Love.



They possess incredible Strength and have the abilities of self-Protection and Hiding. They hold simplicity close to their Hearts and teach to view the world in pure Light and Shadow, thus hence they are connected into the world of Spirit and Mist. These magnificent creatures also teach about gender and sexuality, in uniting the yin and yang within ourselves and thus bringing peace and balance to the Spirit.



Slug from Ted Andrews “More Simplified Magic”

The slug's appearance reminds us that we will soon recognize and realize the illumination that is always present within us.

Slugs vary in size and they live in damp places. Some live entirely underground. They are most active at night or after a daytime shower. They move through hydraulics. This means rather than moving through the work of muscles against joints, they move through the interaction of muscles and fluid movement. The body fluids contract the muscles, causing the slug to stretch and push. As it relaxes, it becomes smaller, until the fluid advances once more through the muscles. Remember that the slug moves slowly but steadily, a reminder there are no shortcuts.

For those to whom the slug is a totem or messenger, care of the body joints will often be important. Exercising in pools and in activities that are not hard on the joints will be most beneficial. On a spiritual level, the slug is a reminder that the Biblical phrase, "Ask and it shall be given..." is active within our life. The slug reminds us that if we know the proper way to ask, we will begin to manifest that which we need or desire.

In the slug is the deception of appearances. Most slugs feed near ground level, eating decaying plant matter and even some worms. Many are excellent climbers, and this unexpected ability is a reminder that we can often do much more than what we may have thought physically and spiritually possible. Let others think what they will and then let them be surprised at what you accomplish and the heights you reach. The slug reminds you the magic to do what you wish is already present in spite of what others might say.

Slugs are hermaphrodites, containing both male and female organs, but they do require interaction with other slugs. There is a two-way exchange of sperm between the mating pairs and the eggs are laid soon afterwards. The eggs hatch almost a month later.

Hermaphrodites have both male and female sexual organs. Even though humans don't have both sets of organs, we are all a combination of male and female energies on other levels. Whenever the male and female are brought together on any level, a new birth results. When we do this within ourselves, we give birth to the Holy Child within. The slug reminds us that we are on the path to giving birth to our inner Holy Child.

Ask the following questions when Slug and Snail appear on the path:

Are you staying cloaked, afraid to come out and express your inner talents? Are you trying to do too much too soon? Are we not moving out on our own path? Are we locked into the paths of others, rather than pursuing our own? Are we ignoring our own illuminations? Do we need to trust in our own ability to create?



There is also a warning that comes with the Slug and Snail and that is to beware of becoming too slow-moving and lazy. Always keep your sights on the destination, on where your Hearts desire and compassion take You. Keep true to who You are as an individual and always understand that You are responsible for the path of the Beholder.

The Snail and Slug can cling to any surface and the slime is used to leave behind any debris, the bricks and chains of Life. Slug’s wisdom teaches to let go and leave behind the garbage of Life while maintaining a strong base. Leaving behind the parts of your Life which do not resonate with who You are does not mean that forgetting about them is also akin. With the lessons of the past, these marvellous facets are brought into the lands of peace in the moment which is Now.