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The Majestic Primal flows of Crocodiles


All creatures of Mother Gaia have their unique and helpful traits that teach us, guide our Being and nurture the sacred Breath of the Universe.

One such family of creatures are the mighty and powerful crocodiles and alligators, which are associated with the ceremonious energies of Birth, Motherhood and Initiation into new and sacred primal Knowledge.

2002 - Secret Shores


Crocodiles are associated with fury and ferocity. These are the same aspects given to the unbridled feminine creative energy forces of the world. The idea is that “there is no Life without Death and no Death without Life”.

Because of their association with mud (mixture of earth and water) crocodiles are keepers of fertility and power.

In Ancient Egypt, Sobek, the Crocodile god symbolizes ultimate power, protection, and fertility. He was amongst several gods responsible for weighing the souls of the dead, giving light to the symbolism of discernment, judgment, authority and guidance.



The word Crocodile is from the Greek words kroko deilos, meaning "pebble man", a reference to their scaly skin. The term also refers to the crocodile’s "water dance" which occurs when the male woos the female, emitting low vibrational groans while attracting a mate. The vibration of these mating calls makes the water dance upon their scaly backs. The end effect of this water dance looks and sounds like pebbles dancing on the water's surface.

This reminds us to be creative when seeking new partners, of using our unique flows to shimmer the melodies of forging new connections and relationships.



Crocodiles and alligators inhabit both water (subconscious) and land (conscious). Water is associated with the Great Mother, the divine feminine and therefore the creative energies of birth.

Water can also swallow you up as well as nurture you and sustain your Spirit.

Birth and Death are initiations, events that mark the end of one period and the beginnings of another. This is reflected in the culmination of Knowledge and seeking new Knowledge.

These fabulous creatures patrol the shorelines between land and water (birth and death). They are the sacred keepers and primal parents of Knowledge.

Crocodiles are loving mothers of excellence, laying around twenty to sixty eggs. Once the eggs are ready to hatch, the mother will carefully carry them to the water. They will protect their young at all costs, hence they are creatures associated with maternal Protection.



In the splendid Hindu mythos, Varuna, the god of Waters, rides on the back of the crocodile. In the Hindu chakra system, the crocodile governs the divine sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) which governs creativity and balance.



Mayan legend tells of four crocodiles supporting the entire world with fierce determination, keeping delicate balance by the strength of their backs. The alligator is found in the Mayan Zodiac and those with the totem are instinctively maternal and protective.

In medieval Europe, crocodiles were associated with the dragon and hence the guardians of hidden wisdom.



When you encounter a crocodile/alligator this is a sign to indicate that a wonderful opportunity is unfolding and that you are developing new hidden wisdom. These flows need to be used correctly otherwise the Knowledge could swallow you up.

Call upon these creatures when you are in emotional turmoil and if you are having disturbing dreams. These creatures are fearless, and their energy is extremely protective. They strike clarity into our lives when we call on them. These outstanding creatures represent an equal balance between earth and water. With their help, we can become grounded and settled in our emotions.



Crocodiles and alligators have eyes high on their head which hints symbolically at higher vision and clairvoyance. We too can see clearly through our most enigmatic dreams and disconcerting emotions.

The alligator encourages us to look but not be seen, in penetrating clearly into our own emotional worlds. This teaches us to dive into our emotions and seek fluidity, healing and cleansing.

Alligators serve a wonderful function in the conservation of other water animals. They will dig “gator holes” - small ponds of fresh water. These potholes in the mud slowly fill with the last remaining water in an area, creating a miniature oasis that will enable the gators and other animal life to survive and thrive.



For those with the alligator totem, you will see great opportunity for initiation into new Knowledge and Wisdom, however you will need to come into balance first. It is important not to go too fast so soon, as the alligator digests food very slowly.

Digest what you have experienced and learnt before moving onto the new. Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by emotions.



Some important points you should ask yourself are: Are you refusing to show emotions when you should? Are you showing emotions that are not true? Am I making a way for others to be their true selves? Am I being my authentic self around other people? How am I feeling emotionally and am I clear on my feelings? What am I creating lately? Have I given birth to anything new?



Learn about “cooling breaths” to heighten your understanding of your own self and keeping your Spirit in balance.

The flows which are associated with crocodiles and alligators are; Fear, Time, Magic, Honour, Speed, Stealth, Strength, Instinct, Cunning, Bravery, Efficiency, Resilience, Solar power, Birth and Creation, Dependability, Indestructibility, Emotional depth, Primal/ancient power.

When these magnificent creatures show up then look for an opportunity to touch very primal energies. There will be great opportunity for strong birth and initiation that will open new Knowledge and Wisdom in your Life.




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