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Sharing and Skips,
voicing the Knight of Transformation


Experience is always plentiful in all realms of study and endeavour. The Joy of realization when an idea permeates your eternity and casts the soft sprinkles of reason and Knowing across the deep sea of mystery, bringing together the masteries of quaternary thought and feeling.

Aly & Fila - Key of Life


The best flows and glows that emanate from within the realms of the Beholder are when one embraces the gifts of Love and life which are and always will be by thy side, friends, allies and companions forever, that is the delicate light of bonding and balance.


'A changed thought system can reverse cause-and-effect as we have known it. For most of us, this is a very difficult concept to accept, because of our resistance to relinquishing the  predictability of our past belief system and to assuming responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and reactions.

Since we always look within before looking  out, we can perceive attack outside us only when we have first accepted attack as real within.'

Gerald G. Jampolsky


The so called “ups and downs” to life come as a complete package. I know when I signed up for this mission, it was for the whole not for a part. The crests and troughs give the journey a more poetic and bubbling cascading brilliance, adding to the glory and majesty of the experience. In honouring one, the opposite must also be honoured and loved, for it is when both are joined that the channel to the infinite opens, and creative bliss comes as a refreshing river running plenty.

And after all, what is a bit of adventure without a fraught of excitement, blessed by Spirit, the envoy of Nature divine.



Phasing through the
trans-dimensional Corridor

When one is connected into the eternal flow of individual and personal consciousness, the river of Inspiration, the marvellous adventure of Life and manifestation comes as a pleasant and radiant gift of Spirit, guiding and steering to the depths and shoals of gleaming beauty and soft sprinkles of blooming cadence.

I have terrific encounters on the day of the Moon, when the pale light of the gorgeous orb of crests and waves shines its brilliance deep within the heart of hearts, the core of being where resplendence casts its silky smooth outline across the twinkling expanse, ally and companion to the realm of perceived awareness and the heavenly circle of Life.




When your Own truth is being held as close as a heated Lover, when you hear that eternal melody on the winds which comes as a glassy smooth song of ravishing and tranquil blossom, then know that the river of your own Ka is guiding and steering the craft which travels beyond the streams of burden and schism.

The dimensions of passionate truth reflects the ways behind the opened blocks and doorways of the psyche, as you alone carry the keys which have the gift of sight and knowing, ready to be flung wide and far with the call of the silent ghost. Those who venture into the seeping crevasses of simple elation find the most exhilarating flight of freedom a Soul can carry within, an amaranthine loveliness of unfathomable sparkle, destiny written upon the winds of stars and sandswept shores of plenty.



"Flowing through the Breath of hushed lights, the journey pulses with newborn sprites, receiving a nexus haste filled Vitality, many fates gyrate with renewed causality. May the Fates bestow what course the Path flows through ...."