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Divine ancient Rites of Osiris and Isis


Isis and Osiris, the heavenly couple symbolize the union of the female and male, the conjoining of opposites. In Duat, the Beholder of Journeys is led into the audience hall from whence the gods of Antiquity observe and judge. The gods are the Archetypal synergies which are held within the Temple of Akash, the divine and sacred Self.



After the Beholder has journeyed with sincere lightness through fathoms unto the Cosmic heart, the journey continues with Osiris and Isis, hands joined in meld, passing to further places and spaces within and without, through and beyond the infinite Universal voice of Age.



Beware, for when the heart is heavily laden, Ammut, the Devourer comes into the being of Manifestation, and One will need to journey through the cycle again, to join with the duality of Thought (Thoth), form, mind and Being.

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Osiris is perceived as the God of Life and Death, the Master of Nature and the Lord of the Silence. He represents the divine masculine manifestation of Nature, the sparkling essence of the Afterlife and the cyclic streaming plane of the Underworld. Since ages past he is known as the “Lord of Love” and “He who is permanently Benign and Youthful”.

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the oldest son of the Earth god Geb and the flowing Sky goddess Nut. He is husband and brother to Isis, goddess of fertility and the feminine aspect of creation. Horus, the eye of the Sun is the son borne from the sacred entwined pair.



Osiris symbolizes an aspect of the Sun and Solar activity, the energy of Life which promenades out from the inner centre, the core of existence. Our Egyptian ancestors associated his benign wisdom with the cycles observed in the flora and fauna, and the annual and life-prospering flooding of the Nile.

The three properties of the Sun are made manifest as the trinity of Life, light and heat, symbolizing the spiritual, intellectual and material facets of sentience.


In all probability, Osiris represents the third, or material, aspect of solar activity, which by its beneficent influences vitalizes and enlivens the flora and fauna of the earth. Osiris is not the sun, but the sun is symbolic of the vital principle of Nature, which the ancients knew as Osiris. His symbol, therefore, was an opened eye, in honor of the Great Eye of the universe, the sun.

- Manly Palmer Hall
(Secret Teachings of All Ages)



Osiris is also associated with the constellation Orion (the Hunter). The three Kings of Orion’s belt (gold, frankincense and myrrh) hold a sacred place as does the star of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, the heavenly pointer showing the place where the Sun of the morning will be borne during the Winter Solstice.

Osiris also holds within himself the flowing visage of the “Green Man” as he is a symbol for Nature. The Egyptian culture inherited their traditions from their Druidical cousins, the people of the Arya (ancient Ireland), who came and seeded the East, after the great West to East movement across the plains of the World.



Osiris wears the Atef crown which combines the Hedjet (crown of Upper Egypt) with red Ostrich feathers symbolizing Ma’at, the goddess of truth, justice, morality, and balance. He carries the crook and flail, symbols for Oneness and Life (spiritual, mental, emotional and material).

The scholarly grand-master Manly Palmer Hall of esoteric and occult tradition, provides a poetic account of the story of Osiris;

Plutarch (the ancient mage of Ascent) further asserts that the Greeks recognized in Osiris the same person whom they revered under the names of Dionysus and Bacchus.

While he (Osiris) was away from his country, his brother Typhon, the Evil One, like Loki of Scandinavia, plotted against the Sun God to destroy him, as he wanted to inherit the throne, fuelled by his wild jealousy and envy for his brother.



The Egyptian archetypal personality of Typhon is Set. This is why the sun sets at sunset, as Set is in domain while Osiris (Horus) resides in the deep Underworld, to be borne again. There are twelve hours (horus), as twelve is the number of “houses” the Sun passes through within its cycle, which is infinite along the vertebrae of rhythm and walking without pattern.

Set (Typhon) gathered seventy-two persons as fellow conspirators and attained his nefarious end in a most subtle manner. He had a wonderful ornamented box made just the size of the body of Osiris. This he brought into a banquet hall where the gods and goddesses were feasting together. All admired the beautiful chest, and Typhon promised to give it to the one whose body fitted it most perfectly. One after another lay down in the box, but in disappointment rose again, until at last Osiris also tried. The moment he was in the chest Typhon and his accomplices nailed the cover down and sealed the cracks with molten lead. They then cast the box into the Nile, down which it floated to the sea.



Plutarch states that the date upon which this occurred was the seventeenth day of the month Athyr, when the Sun was in the constellation of Scorpio. This is most significant, for the Scorpion is the symbol of treachery. This is why Judas kisses Jesus to betray him, as the kiss is the symbol of the mark of the Scorpion. It is associated with the cycle of Death. The time when Osiris entered the chest was also the same season that Noah entered the ark to escape from the Deluge. Yes, the proverbial splash of cold water to unfreeze the joints of Mankind.

The Pans and Satyrs (satire) first discovered that Osiris had been murdered (this is from where the word panic originates). Isis received news from children who had witnessed the murderers making off with the box. She robed herself in mourning and started forth in quest of him.

Isis is the feminine reflection of the One and how beautiful that she honoured Osiris in taking on the mission to bring him unto her. Nowadays in the supposed “civilised” world where great progress is made every moment, Isis would have gone off to pull someone else, perhaps even ending up with Set. It has happened and will happen again as long as there is a loss of Self in the psyche, individually and collectively.



The chest containing Osiris had floated to the coast of Byblos and lodged in the branches of a tree, which grew up around the box. This amazed the king of the country, and he ordered the tree to be cut down and a pillar to be made from the trunk to support the roof of his palace. He should have rather used his thick skull.

Isis visited Byblos and recovered the body of Osiris. She brought her friend and ally back to life, by use of a spell that she learned from her father. This spell gave her time to become pregnant by Osiris before he again died. The Sun spends the night in the Underworld, is re-incarnated as King of the Underworld, and God of Reincarnation.

Typhon stole the body of Osiris, and cut it into fourteen parts, which he scattered over the Earth. Isis gathered up the pieces but only found thirteen. His phallus had to be made magically in gold as the original had fallen into river Nile and was swallowed by a fish. Bon Appétit!

Isis later gave birth to Horus after the resurrection of Osiris. Horus symbolizes new beginnings and is known as the vanquisher of the evil Set (darkness).



It is said that in alchemy, when the Sun dies, it must die in water. This is perhaps why in some traditions Osiris transmutes into water and inherits the personality of the fish. The story of Osiris becoming fish-like is cognate with the story of the Greek shepherd god Pan becoming fish-like from the waist down in the river Nile after being attacked by Typhon (Capricornus).

This attack was part of a generational feud in which both Zeus and Dionysus were dismembered by Typhon, in a similar manner as Osiris was by Set.




Isis is the feminine aspect of Life, the mother and wife as well as the Matron of Nature and Magic. She is the goddess of Motherhood, fertility and her way is the flow of nurture and Love.

Isis is the first daughter of Geb, the god of the Earth, and Nut, the goddess of the Overarching Sky, and was born on the fourth intercalary day.

The headdress worn by Isis symbolizes the auric bodies. These expressions can also be found around haloes and aureole. Frank C. Higgins, a well known Masonic symbolist has noted that the ornate headgears of certain gods, goddesses and Pharaohs are inclined backward at same angle of the Earth’s axis. Absolutely heavenly and fantastic!


Isis is sometimes symbolized by the head of a cow; occasionally the entire animal is her symbol. The first gods of the Scandinavians were licked out of blocks of ice by the Mother Cow (Audhumla), who symbolized the principle of natural nutriment and fecundity because of her milk. Occasionally Isis is represented as a bird. She often carries in one hand the crux ansata, the symbol of eternal life, and in the other the flowered sceptre, symbolic of her authority.

- Manly Palmer Hall
(Secret Teachings of All Ages)


Isis is also known as the goddess of simplicity, Protector of the Dead and goddess of Children from whom all beginnings arose. The Knot of Isis represents the idea of eternal life and resurrection.



The star, Spica and the constellation which corresponds to Virgo, appeared in the sky above the horizon at the time of year associated with the harvest of wheat and grain, and thus became associated with fertility and the goddess Hathor. Isis would come to be connected with the heavenly Celestials through her later embrace with Hathor, the Celestial Beacon of Life and Nurture.



Isis also assimilated Sopdet, the personification of the star Sirius, since Sopdet, rising just before the flooding of the Nile, was seen as a bringer of fertility, and so had also been identified with Hathor.

Isis is usually depicted holding a lotus, and also Sycamore tree. These symbols of the Earth symbolize the Tree of Life and permeate the sacred kinship with the Druids of the Arya.



In the Book of the Dead Isis is described:


She who gives birth to Heaven and Earth, She who knows the Orphan, She who knows the widow Spider, She who seeks Justice for the poor people, She who seeks Shelter for the weak people, She who seeks the Righteousness in her people.


Numerous titles were bestowed upon the Queen of Heaven; Mother of the Gods; The One Who is All; Lady of Green Crops; The Brilliant One in the Sky; Star of the Sea; Great Lady of Magic; Mistress of the House of Life; She Who Knows How To Make Right Use of the Heart; Light-Giver of Heaven; Lady of the Words of Power; Moon Shining Over the Sea.



In conclusion, the story of Isis and Osiris reminds us to gather our Heavenly bodies of Sacred essence and remember that we all have the Divine breath within us, which can further us to new places of excitement and vigour upon the Majestic path of Life.