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Lion Symbolism:
Eternal Power of the Female Sun


The powerful Lion is the age-old symbol and archetype for the assertion of the Feminine and the Beautiful Eternal power of the female Sun. The time cycle of this Magnificent Symbol is significant and resplendent all-year round, as is the Sun relevant as it rises and sets, varying in intensity within our everlasting  and sacred Consciousness.

Guild Wars - Land of the Golden Sun


The proud Lion is the second largest member of the cat family. Cat’s represent the powers of Mystery, Magic and Independence.

Lions make their home on the wide and expansive savannahs of Africa. Their main prey is the antelope who are symbolic avatars of speed and the adaptability of the mind.

Lions have always been strong symbols of the Sun and of Gold. In ancient times they were venerated as having links with the sun-god Mithra. The Egyptians venerated the Lion with the annual flooding of the Nile, which always brought good fertility of not only the land but the Soul.

Early Christians portrayed the Lion as the earthly component of the Eagle and Medieval alchemists associated the Lion with the fixed element of sulphur.

Lions live in prides, therefore expect strong lessons to show up related to groups and communities. Examining your own role in groups would be of marvellous benefit and will aid you to understand yourself better.



Within the pride, the females are the best hunters. Although most lions are clumsy hunters by themselves, they have developed an excellent co-operative hunting technique. The females, though, do most of the hunting and the rearing of the cubs.

The lion cubs lead a relatively care-free existence. Their parents are patient and affectionate with the cubs, and most individuals with lions as totems will find those same qualities developing within themselves.

- Ted Andrews (Animal Speak)



The young Lion is a symbol of the rising Sun, the Solar energy of the Solar-plexus rising in the newly awakened Being, the awakening of the feminine creative energies of Life.

The Lion is the assertion of feminine energies to bring forth birth and new power. The Sun was not always seen as a masculine symbol and since ancient times was widely associated with the sacred and eternal power of the feminine.

Males are most noticeable by their large mane. They do very little work and can get passionate and jealous of the lionesses. The males also protect the pride against predators. When hunting they use their roar to scare prey towards the waiting lionesses.



When a Lion shows up in your symbolic awareness, ask yourself;  Do you need to do more than you are? Do you need to be more protective? Do you need to co-operate more?



The Lion does not fight for the sake of fighting and avoids confrontations and will leave any scene of danger. Lions hunt by stealth. To achieve greater endeavours and objectives be more stealthy in your approach to Greater Success!

When Lion shows up there will be great opportunity to awaken to a new Sun. Trust your feminine energiescreativity, intuition and imagination. These will add a new sunshine to your Life.

Don’t be afraid to ROAR if you feel threatened and intruded upon!

Knowledge Source: Ted Andrews - Animal Speak