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Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming
the delicate symbolism of the Penguin


The Beautiful, delicate and Magical Penguin is a symbol for the ability to hone into the Celestial skills of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. The loving Nature of this fantastic creature spreads as an example of kindness, compassion and traditional family values. This is prevalent in both their family units and as a collective group, and sets an example to us all, maintaining symbolic focus all year round.

Vangelis - Antarctica


Penguins are birds who do not fly, however their wings serve a great purpose underwater in that they are excellent swimmers, navigating the waters of the ocean with smoothness and fluidity. Their wings are like fins and help these fabulous creatures to propel themselves and steer in the waters.



"Penguins can literally jump out of the water, five to six feet, landing in perfect balance on their feet. These acts of swimming and jumping are highly symbolic. The water symbolizes the astral plane of Life, the dimension of dreams. This marvellous ability to manoeuvre with resplendent freedom reflects an awakening of dream consciousness. Individuals who have penguins as totems experience lucid dreams."



Lucid dreaming is the ability to change the course of a dream by becoming aware in your dream that you are dreaming. Because you can change the dream state, you can also change those same energies that are playing upon you in your waking Life.



The leap from the water onto land reflects the great ability to leave the body. The penguin teaches how to leave the body, what are known as OBEs (out of body expereinces). The penguin is an expert at slipping in and out of the body in full consciousness.



"Penguin males take care of protecting the sacred eggs of the females. Emperor penguins carry the eggs on the feet to keep them warm, and do so up to the time when the eggs hatch which is usually a period of two months. During this time they barely move and do not eat until the egg hatches. Then the mother takes over the rearing."



Penguins work together as a team to keep each other warm and safe, mostly from the harsh winter. They huddle in a big group and take it in turns to switch positions. This ensures that every penguin is kept warm from the biting winds and harsh frost, and also keeps the eggs safe.



Because water is associated with feminine birth giving energies, the emperor penguin reflects a greater assertion and expression of that within your life. Individuals who have a male emperor penguin as a totem will nurture, protect and hatch creative and potent energies.



Penguins travel great distances to accomplish their goals to find a partner, which is also reflected in our own steadfast determination to accomplish our goals by travelling great distances in time.



The fact that the male has a strong position in a usually traditional female role, reflects a greater awakening in dreams, altered states and creation. It is also a strong indication that the qualities of dedication, family and friendship mark high within your Life and you work in concert with those that share your vision of accomplishing long-term goals.



Reference: Animal Speak (Ted Andrews)