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It's an Ant's World
Order, Discipline from a Unique Perspective


The Productive Ant is a symbol of working hard in accomplishment of your goals, being industrious within order and discipline, and coming into the realization that you are well on your way for your hard work in paying off.

A Bug's Life

In the famous Fables of Aesop, the strong-willed Ant features heavily, often with their wisdom and intellect acclaimed most profoundly.



There are many types of ants, some are solitary, however most belong to a wider and larger community. When by themselves, they display simple and uncomplicated behaviour patterns. Within the community there is a fascinating plethora of activities and behaviours.



"Ants are social. Much of their work centers on community activity. The primary activities are gathering, hunting and growing. Yes, some ants do farm, growing a kind of fungus. Ants also participate in food exchanges within the community, and they will often make slaves of other ants to perform labors."



There is shining discipline and order within ant communities, predominantly with three castes;

1) The Queens who found new colonies
2) The winged Males who fertilize the Queens for Life
3) The sterile Females who serve as babysitters and labourers



The Queen ant has wings and the ability to fly until fertilized. Once she has fertilized she courageously pulls of her own wings and sacrifices her flight for the birth of the newborn. The Queen usually lives for twelve years. Those with strong ant totems will find that the cycle of industriousness and building of goals will increase over a period of twelve years. The cycle of twelve, days, months and years will be of huge significance.



"The worker ants are skilled architects. They build complex homes, galleries, and even vaulted ceilings. Their skill and undaunted efforts reflect much about what this totem can awaken. The ant is the teacher of how to build, how to become the architect of your own life. It can show you how to construct your dreams into a reality. It will show you that the greatest success occurs with persistence."



When the glorious Ant shows up as a totem, examine your own unique industriousness.

Are you disciplining yourself enough to accomplish the task at hand? Are you or those around you looking for the quick and easy way? Are you neglecting important activities? Are you laying a good and solid foundation? Are you adding new structures into your life with each passing year – education, jobs, hobbies etc.? Are you being patient with your efforts? Are you being patient with yourself? With others? Are you making things greater and more difficult than they need to be? Are you missing an opportunity to initiate new creations and endeavours?



The Shining Ant can teach you how to harness your own power to design and recreate life and its circumstances from the ground up. Ant can show you how best to work with others for the good of everyone. Ant teaches us that regardless of circumstances, if the effort is true, the rewards will follow – in the most beneficial time and manner.



Ant is the promise of
Success through Effort!


Research Source: 'Animal Speak' by the Fabulous Ted Andrews!