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The Enchanting Elegance of the Sea
the Dolphin


The gentle and beautiful Dolphin is a mammal of the sea, symbolizing the Power of Breath and Sound. Their enchantment is prevalent all-year round.

The largest species of dolphin is the killer whale which also embodies the quality of patience. Dolphins are highly intelligent and display altruistic behaviour, they enjoy being around humans.

Cocoon - Returning to the Sea


To the early Christians, the dolphin was a symbol of salvation. To the Greeks, this delightful creature was the sacred messenger of the Gods. To the people of Lemuria, the dolphin is highly sacred, seen as a companion.

The fact that dolphins make their home in the sea is extremely significant. The myths of the world tell us how life began in the primordial waters. Water is the age old symbol of creation, passion and sexuality. It is the element of Life. It is the sacred symbol of dimensions and forces.

Dolphin can open new creations and dimensions. Water is essential to life and also to breath. The use of breath can be used to induce altered states and align oneself with new dimensions. Learning new techniques for breathing can help you to become more passionate and sexual. Breath is also used to heal the body, mind and spirit.



Tension and stress can be relieved by mirroring the spouting breath that dolphins use upon surfacing. Individuals with breathing issues can benefit greatly by aligning themselves with dolphin medicine.

The dolphin has a rhythm to its breathing and its swimming. Learning to breathe like a dolphin can be rewarding and beneficial. Breath control is the key to the power of the dolphin. When you align yourself with the heavenly dolphin through breathing, this kindly creature of the sea will take you to all the places and times that existed before the Great Seas covered the world, to lead you to underground caverns and hence the primordial beginnings of yourself.



Dolphins have a sonar ability, using a series of clicks and responding to the feedback of those clicks as sound reverberates. Sound, breath and water are the sources of all life.

Sound is the creative life force. Sound was borne from the womb of silence and created all things. Learning to create inner sounds so that you can create outer manifestations is part of the teachings that dolphin can pass over.



Sound requires breath, therefore water is the unformed creative element that we can shape into any manifestation, if we know how to combine breath and sound. The sacredness of sound and breath has been taught worldwide from ages past to the present. In the ancient Babylonian myth, the goddess Tiamut brought forth the gods from the waters of Life.

The elegant dolphin can show you how to enter into the waters of life, and with breath and sound call forth from the waters what you most desire. There are breathing and sounding techniques which are essential to manifestation. If these techniques are not used correctly, our questions are unanswered and our affirmations manifest incorrectly. Dolphin can show you how to use these techniques correctly.



When the majestic Dolphin shows up as a Totem, ask yourself some important questions:

What are your words and thoughts creating for you? Are you getting outside and enjoying the fresh air? Are you holding in tensions? Are others? Is it time to breathe some new life into yourself?

Get out, play, explore and the most important point, Breathe!