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The Heroic Adventures of Theseus: Enlightenment


The Heroic manifested Conclusion to the Adventures of Theseus, climbing out of despair into the freshness of vital Breath, balanced within the eternal and divine sacred Self comes to fruition.

Within the ever present moment of Truth shining out from the divine Self, the sacred journey becomes clear as the trials and challenges of Life give meaning to the experience of Adventure.

Forbidden Kingdom - Finale


To reach the divinity of the authentic Self, one must pass through the realm of Shadow. The story of Theseus and his battle with the Minotaur reflects this great Trial of Persistence, the passing from the House of Taurus into the House of Gemini. The 'Mino-taur' is a symbol of this great passing.

Thanks to the wonderful research of Teacher and mystic Michael Tsarion, it is shown that 'Minotaur' consists of 'min' which represents the House of Gemini and 'taur' which reflects the House of Taurus. The journey through the Shadow Realm to reach the divine Kingdom of Self is garnered along the passage of the river of Stars. As above, so below.

The passing from hard labour to the conjoining of dualities creates the archetype of love and peace, strengthening our own Great innate power within, emanating with the essence of Brahma and Saraswati.



Journey of Enlightenment


Once Theseus had come to the understanding of who he was, in taking up the journey to Athens, in joining his father, in his heart he knew what was needed to overcome the challenge of his own Psyche.

He at once came forward and offered to go with the youths and maidens. All praised him for his goodness and nobility but they did not know his true intentions to slay the Minotaur.

He informed his father and promised him that if he succeeded, he would have the black sail removed from the returning ship and changed to a white one, so that Aegeus could know long before that his son was safe.



The changing of the black sail to a white one reflects the conjoining of opposites, the merging of yin and yang. It is the mantle of the Hero and Heroine in turning despair into hope and finally Victory.

When the group finally arrived in Crete they were paraded before the inhabitants on their way to the Labyrinth. King Minos' daughter Ariadne was among the spectators and she fell in love with Theseus at first sight as he marched past. She sent for Daedalus and asked him to show her a way out of the Labyrinth, and she sent for Theseus and told him she would bring about his escape if he would take her back to Athens and marry her. This he would have done anyway, as he loved her with all his heart.



She gave him a ball of thread which she had procured from Daedalus, which he was to fasten at one end of the inside of the door and unwind as he went. He rolled his plan into action and boldly stepped into the Labyrinth, searching for the Minotaur. He came upon him asleep and fell upon him, pinning him to the ground and with his bare hands battered the monster to death.



"As an oak tree falls on the hillside, Crushing all that lies beneath, So Theseus. He presses out the life, The brute's savage life, and now it lies dead. Only the head sways slowly, but the horns are useless now."



Theseus traced back his steps to the entrance of the Labyrinth using the ball of thread, and with the other maidens and youths fled by ship back to Athens. The young youths and maidens symbolise the lunar aspect of divine and blessed Nature.

On the way back to Athens they put in at the island of Naxos as Ariadne was seasick. Theseus returned to the ship to do some necessary work. A violent wind carried him out to sea and kept him there a long time. On his return he found that Ariadne had died and he was deeply afflicted by this. This strong lesson teaches to remain true to your loved ones, and in turn remain true to the love inside Yourself.



When Theseus drew closer to Athens he forgot to hoist the white sail. Aegeus was watching from the Acropolis and because he thought his son was dead, threw himself down from the rocky heights into the sea. The sea became known as the Aegean ever after.

This powerful lesson teaches to always explore and value every facet of Life and to learn from mistakes made. Hold sacred divinity deep within your heart.

Theseus became King of Athens and gave the power back to the people. Thus Athens became the happiest and most prosperous of cities, and thus the Realm of the Beholder comes into fruitful balance.

This is a reminder for You to become King and Queen of Your inner Realm !




Reference Source: Edith Hamilton - Mythology