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Aesir and Vanir
Great Norse Legends not Forgotten


The Aesir and Vanir are two branches of Norse gods and goddesses who merged with each other to create one whole and peaceful tribe. This alliance came together after a battle between the younger and older personalities of heroes and legends.

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The Aesir numbered the gods and goddesses led by Odin, the father of the Gods. The tribe of patrons and matrons lives in Asgard, a mighty stronghold where the souls of the bravest and strongest killed in battle were taken after death by the Valkyries.



The Vanir were the older of the two branches of Gods who lived in Vanaheim and symbolized fertility and rebirth.



After the Aesir-Vanir unification, the Aesir turned their attention to the battle with the Frost Giants. Many Aesir and Vanir fell on the day of Ragnarök, when Loki and his children united with the giants to attack Asgard. After Ragnarök the world was reborn anew.


Source: Mythology of the Norse Gods (Arthur Cotterell)