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Close Encounters of the Raven Kind


Since ages past, the Raven has been a strong and vibrant symbol for magic, mysticism, shapeshifting and the divine Creative force, bringing the eternal voice from the sea of Spirit, passing through the realm of Hades and beyond, into all facets of Life. The journeys of Birth and Death are held within the magnificent creature’s talons, protected by the shiny sheen of black, the song of the Subconscious.

Enigma - Rivers of Belief

The Raven belongs to the family of Corvidae, which include the crow and the magpie. These fabulous and playful birds share the same characteristics; speed in flight, sharp reactions and amorous behaviour. Having great intelligence, they work together with the use of tools towards a common objective. Both trickster and wise entity, the Raven does not succumb to the intimidation of others. The nest is always kept clean, symbolizing the health of the home and respect for their kin.



The spirit of the Raven is symbiotically linked to the Winter Solstice cycle, bringing life and order to the path of revealing. The magic of Life can be stirred with faithful promise and excellence and with it a special journey of bringing the passion of the Universe from the dark into the light.



The opportunity presents itself to flow along the stream of enchantment and magic, allowing oneself to feel the deep twirls of watchfulness and communication in all facets of unique expression. The smell of the past, gazing through the archetypal lens, brings perfumed observation to how the winds of life within the realm can change and expand into fancy and exciting areas of discovery and adventure.



Out of the rich and shiny blackness of the Raven, comes the gift of teaching, in the ability of giving form to what is without form. The colour black represents the maternal aspect and is known as “nigredo” the initial state of substance, unformed and full of potential, which gives birth to the fresh light of the day, creation’s bliss, stretching across the space and breadth of plenty.



Within the magnificent mythologies of the world, the Raven has taken its rightful seat. To the Athapaskan Indians of Alaska and the Celts, the Raven represents the Creator of the world. In Norse legend, Odin cared for a pair of ravens called Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) who advised and served as his messengers. Odin was also known to shift into a raven. In the Old Testament, Noah sent a raven out into the world after the flood, however the wary creature never returned. In the story of Elijah, a raven fed the prophet when he was hiding from King Ahab.



In those special moments of wonder and poise, when the mystical Raven is encountered, one can sense with all heart of Being, the revealing of the eternal Gateways and streams to the magical realm, where the manifestation unto the prime material plane shines with the vocalization of Knowledge, the communion with animals and creatures of the beautiful Cosmos, enabling the Beholder to converse with the natural order; Mother Gaia and Father Time.