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Embracing the Journey up Thorny Wood


When individuals throw their authentic Self away from their true aspects, then collective Groupthink is borne, where the general attitude between those of the party state is one of shallow waddling and callous intent. The greatest tragedy is the loss of empathy.

Conan The Barbarian - Funeral Pyre

Within these machinations, nothing new is created, no spark of divinity, no twinkle of Life is absorbed and neither any magic projected, there only exists an empty and nocuous sludge of envy and hate. Mankind has been re-creating the same defunct and stale soup since the Great Split all those thousands of years ago, not so long a time mind you. How life has progressed .... NOT!

All peoples are mirror reflections of each other. When a beautiful Soul has shaped the journey with garlands of soft and silky flow of Spirit, then the true and lightest facet of the aura reveals itself, serving as a beacon, calling ships to harbour, with glad tidings of the glory of the Sun and glitter of the Moon and stars of eternity glittering in the folds of the infinite.

When that beacon is ignored and left standing still, the moment remains in Truth for the Beholder. For those who have thrown Self away and forgotten that they have forgotten, theirs will be a journey of sorrow and strife, for in that action, One creates for themselves the arduous path back to light. There is loss in the world between worlds, and individually neither is able to shift dimensionally, as they only exist in group which is the antithesis of true Self. The quagmire of lethargy and sickness is all too eager to swallow.



"Of a certainty the man who can see all creatures in himself, himself in all creations, knows no sorrow."

- Eesha Upanishad

This is why, when I find myself facing a situation in which the thorn of pain and heartache washes over me, together with a spectral luminescence providing the rhythm of thought and experience, my arms stretch out to embrace this expression of Shadow and Light. It is an experience that is all too familiar and one that also shows fresh nuance and insight. How delightful to add this bundle to the Hall of Akash.

This is part of the reason why, as the fulcrum of where the Beholder of light and shadow rests, I gladly accepted the mission, with a cheer and smile. It is in this very moment that the Universe opens wide and with a grin and gesture to salute the Gods, that I push through the boughs and thick thorns. I smile even wider, as this time round the wounds are superficial, only grazing softly with no blood being shed. The slight graze has already healed.