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Universal friend of Cosmic time and Space


The word happy is an honour to the Egyptian God Hapy, whose name is so grained into our lives, coming as an eternal reminder that the flow of Joy and Love washes a sweet and melancholy tune, bringing warmth of Spirit through the boundless oceans of time.

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Hapy was identified as the blessed inundation of the Nile, bringing yearly flooding and hence fertility to the land through widespread watering and new silt spread over the fields by the generous river, giver of  Life and Health by virtue of the cyclic rhythm, a manifestation of cosmic order and maintainer of the precious balance of the Universe.

The Father of Fertility was known as the 'Lord of fishes and birds' which also included the retinue of crocodiles and frogs. His name means 'Running One' a reference to the flowing cycles of eternity in the heavens.



The Facet of the Nile was portrayed as a swollen bellied man wearing a loincloth and depicted with a papyrus over his head, his blue skin symbolic of Nu (water).

Since the Nineteenth Dynasty, Hapy was depicted as a pair of figures, each holding and tying together the long stem of two plants representing Upper and Lower Egypt and thus binding the two halves of the country in union and destiny.