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Serene blessings from Grandmother Spider


Visits from Grandmother Spider always infuse Youthful Joy and warmth into the heart of being, as the essence of Nature’s web is contained within the glistening string of beauty and comfort of the eternal Self, a mirrored stance and softness which veils the winds of change and destiny, bringing fate and miracles filled with trinkets - a time of great blessing and rejoicing!

Oliver Shanti - Well Balanced


' weave thy links o friend
to flora, how your shining
beauty cascades, filling my
bones with delicacy and
brining Holy times back
to spritely Nature!

There is no greater time as the eternal and magical moment, when the energies of the universe embrace duality and fuse back to whence they came, from wholeness and unity - this is the precious gift that comes as a twinkle in Grandmother's dish.



Grandmother Spider symbolizes inspiration and creativity and builds the bridge between the dimensional realities of past and future in the present. As the number eight is the symbol for infinity, this archetypal force is also an ally to our arachnid companion. One must strive to keep good balance within this eternal cycle of Spirit and keep close to the centre of our own authentic Self.



When Grandmother comes to visit, there is a reminder to connect with our own sense of creativity and sensibility and as Spider is the keeper of Knowledge and form, so does this affirmation help us to think freely with universal and cosmic sparkle – the juice of divine motion.