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Swirling Eternal echoes and crayons of Ma'at


Giving birth to beautiful and flowering forms is a blessing of Nature and a gift from the eternal Cosmos, a divine reflection from the oceans of time and memory.

Andy Blueman - Everlasting (emotional mix)


Ma'at is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Balance, Order and Justice, whose symbol is the soft Ostrich Feather known for its elegance, brilliance and lightness of heart and breath. Her consort is Thoth, the personification of magic, writing and intelligence and together their song is a harmonious flowing dance of sweet nectar in the reflective amaranthine firmament.



For those who hold Ma’at in the heart, the principles set out in the forty-two negative confessions are the basis on which the eternal Soul is brought to audience in the divine and pure Hall of Judgement in Duat, overseen by the magnificent Gods of Antiquity, whose personalities symbolize those aspects within each of us and whose eternal gaze brings swift excitement wrapped in swirls of amber and jade.



The time spent here within the protection and comfort of our beautiful Mother Earth is an opportunity to come into balance with the authentic Self and re-discover truth through the wonderful tool of adventure, re-discovering those elements which resonate and attune deep to the core of our ancestral voice.

In the passing when our friend and ally Anubis comes a calling, that moment of lightness and truth will be upon the travelling minstrel. Having knelt comfortably in the presence of Ra, balance is then sought. Beware, as if the heart is a heavy and burdensome one, Ammut the Devourer will beckon the essence of Soul back into the realm of the material kingdom and the lessons of the quest may need to be repeated.



' Oh sweet breath of Venus,
teacher of
Love and Passion
tickle my yearning paws
flower of the Universe '





"How the bushel rolls and thunders, stretching out into cosmic lessons, giving over the glistening tentacles where Success follows the hairs and turns, twists and rolls breed the marvellous Giants of Mother Gaia."