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"Dream sweet, Divine Being, for Your Journey is who You are"

Nacho Sotomayor - Eternal





The Adventurous Spirit of the Rascally Raccoon

The elusive raccoon symbolizes dexterity and disguise, and is one of the most adaptable animals on the earth, even able to live and thrive in cities. The raccoon’s cycle of power is Spring and Summer, and it is a nocturnal creature.




Native American Myths: Origin of the Pleiades

The power and excellence of Native American Myths has always been present when walking the journey of the Self. This is a testament to the Native American People and their ways, living in tune with Nature, the Cosmos and the higher Self. Anything that appears "on the outside" is merely a projection, a representation within oneself, seen in the inner sect of oneself.





The Lessons of Prometheus: Bound to Desire

The trials and story of Prometheus teaches a vital lesson in balancing out primal and maternal instincts, allowing Nature to guide and nourish through the voice of Spirit.




Gentleness and Innocence - the alluring Deer

Deer have always had a deep connection to humanity, capturing the sweet imagination of all. These creatures symbolise gentleness, innocence and a luring into new adventures.





The Heroic Adventures of Theseus: Enlightenment

The Heroic manifested Conclusion to the Adventures of Theseus, climbing out of despair into vital Breath, balanced within the eternal and divine sacred Self comes to fruition.




The Delightful Hummingbird - gathering Nectar of Joy

The beautiful hummingbird is a fascinating creature, filling all who see one with wonder and Joy. Its name comes from the vibration of its wings while it flies and hovers.




The Enchanting Elegance of the Sea - the Dolphin

The gentle and beautiful Dolphin is a mammal of the sea, symbolizing the Power of Breath and Sound. Their enchantment is prevalent all-year round.




The Ancient Enchantments of Circe and Medea

Medea and Circe are two enchantresses from Greek mythology who would capture the hearts of Men, holding them within a spell of sorcery and depravity.





It's an Ant's World - Order, Discipline from Uniqueness

The Productive Ant is a symbol of working hard, being industrious and coming into the realization that you are well on your way for your hard work in paying off.




Neptune & Poseidon -Divine Swells of Oceans Deep

Neptune and Poseidon share the same Archetypal form, that of sacred water, of nurture and protection bringing havens and peace of mind to Nature and her eternal song.




Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming - Penguin Rhythms

The Beautiful, delicate and Magical Penguin is a symbol for the ability to hone into the Celestial skills of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection.




Agni - eternal Gift of Divine and Mystical Fire

Agni, symbolizing the divine gift of treasure to Spirit, bringing bliss and joy unto the Beholder of Truth and Enlightenment, in the divine Realm of Self.





Trimurti - the Balanced flow of Graceful Nature

The Trimurti symbolize the flow of Nature's wisdom, within Hindu mythology, personified by Brahmā the Creator, Vishnu the Maintainer, and Śhiva the Destroyer.




Horse Symbolism: Power, Might and the Hero of Antiquity

The qualities of power, freedom and travel have always been associated with the mighty and magnificent horse, charging the world, focused with fiery determination.




Mythical Underworld: Magical Realm of Hades

The mythical and mysterious Greek Underworld is made up of several unique magical realms which reside deep under the Earth’s farthest reaches, where ether meets materia.




The Heroic Adventures of Theseus: Realization

There is a great story and history within the mighty Greek legend of Theseus. This first facet of heroic Adventure is realization through to individuation.




Lion Symbolism: Eternal Power of the female Sun

The powerful Lion is the age-old symbol and archetype for the assertion of the Feminine and the Beautiful Eternal power of the female Sun.




Divine ancient Rites of Osiris and Isis

Isis and Osiris, the heavenly couple symbolize the union of the female and male, the conjoining of opposites, held within the Temple of Akash, the divine and sacred Self.




The Magical dance of Sparkling Transformation

When the sacred Spirit of the Moth comes to visit, feel Great passions of Magnificence as this true and precious gift is a sharing of the wisdom of the ages.




Creatures of Myth and Fate - Fenrir and Aquila

All creatures of Earth in myth and fable are symbolic of the forces alive and flourishing within the ever flowing and glowing stream of fate and destiny.





The Majestic Primal flows of Crocodiles

All creatures of Mother Gaia have their unique and helpful traits that teach us, guide our Being and nurture the sacred Breath of the Universe.




Mythical Serpents - Nāgas and Jörmungandr

The Serpent is a fascinating symbolic and spiritual entity which has appeared in cultures throughout the many ages, reminding humanity of the magical force of the Kundalini.




Garuda of Hindu Mythos - Lord of the Twirling Sky

Garuda, in the mythical and colourful Hindu mythos is the King of the Birds and acts as messenger between Gods and Humans. His domain is the everlasting sea of land and sky.




The feminine magic of Shapeshifting and Invisibility

The Beautiful and Sacred fox symbolizes the awakening to the feminine magic of Camouflage, Shapeshifting and Invisibility, to take shape in the multi forms of Art.




The Friendly Slug of Eternal Devotion

Creatures of the Beautiful Earth come to visit at the precise moment where manifestation takes place, teaching in the most delightful way. The sacred snail is One such Wonder.




Birds uplift the flight of the Sacred Soul

The wonderful flow of Birds has always been a precious gift in the understanding of the infinite journeys of the Self. Their unique ways sharpen the sparkles of Symbol literacy.




Sharing and Skips - voicing the Knight of Transformation

Experience is always plentiful in all realms of study and endeavour. The Joy of realization when an idea permeates your eternity and casts Knowing across the deep sea of mystery.





Yggdrasil of the North - Sacred Tree of Life

Yggdrasil, the huge ash, is the Sacred World Tree in Norse myth, created by Allfather to be the Tree of Life of Time and the Universe, stretching into the nine realms of infinity.




Close Encounters of the Raven Kind

Since ages past, the Raven has been a strong and vibrant symbol for magic, mysticism, shapeshifting and the divine Creative force, bringing eternity from the sea of Spirit.




Serene blessings from Grandmother Spider

Visits from Grandmother Spider always infuse Youthful Joy and warmth into the heart of being, as the essence of Nature’s web is contained within the glistening string of beauty.




The Magical Dream of sparkling Magnificence

Dr. Martin Luther King is a marvellous and legendary visionary of humanity. His simple message of pure Truth is that we are all One and the same.




Hapy - Universal friend of Cosmic time and Space

The word happy is an honour to the Egyptian God Hapy, who comes as an eternal reminder, washing a sweet tune, bringing warmth through the boundless oceans of time.




The Legendary Journeys of drow warrior, Drizzt Do'Urden

The Crystal Shard is the first book in R.A. Salvatore's Icewind Dale Trilogy, featuring the dark elf, Drizzt Do'Urden. The adventures shine with devotion, friendship and honour.




Swirling Eternal echoes and crayons of Ma'at

Giving birth to beautiful and flowering forms is a blessing of Nature and a gift from the eternal Cosmos, a divine reflection from the oceans of time and memory.




The Art of "Listen, Little Man" by Wilhelm Reich

Wonderful pieces of expressive art, by the talented, William Steig which are contained within Wilhelm Reich's outstanding book, 'Listen, Little Man'.




Aesir and Vanir - Great Norse Legends not Forgotten

The Aesir and Vanir are two branches of Norse gods and goddesses who merged with each other to create one whole and peaceful tribe, after a fierce battle.




Embracing the Journey up Thorny Wood

When individuals throw their authentic Self away from their true aspects, then collective Groupthink is borne. The greatest tragedy is the loss of empathy.