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"my Soul opening to the hands of Heaven
.... becomes



The elegant and mysterious Tarot is a trusted companion of insight, flowing along the Journey of Self, resting and relaxing in the grounds of the landscape of the Soul, furthering the quest of falling in love with Knowledge, the pursuit of making Oneself, guided by none other than the higher eye of Love and Truth.


It is astonishing in a delicious way that the Tarot can steer the Spirit along the Beautiful path of Life. There is no right and wrong way, the Way is the Way. All that manifests, does so because it was willed into existence by You, the Beholder; thought painted the strokes using the inks and paints of Life and these wonderful Archetypal cards beckon straight from Your Soul, whispering the Song of the Ages in the Voice of the Silence, listen and You will hear.

The Spirit bears fruit unto the being of the inner ship, steered by echoes of friends, delighting and sprinkling the Spirit with flavour.



- Thoth -









































Tarot Sets


- Shadowscapes -

- Arcus Arcanum -

- Rider-Waite -


- Connolly -

- Haindl -


- Animals Divine -

- Robin Wood -


- Röhrig -

- Fantastical Creatures -

- Kleopatra -



"Sing sweet the rhythm of the Eternal Universe"