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"I was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which the actor playing the lead became Titus Andronicus and never lost his essence. Tommie Grabiec, the actor playing the lead was enthralling. I never had to strain to hear him as I had to with many of the other actors. I became so emotionally invested in his plight I found myself in tears at various points in his downfall. In short Tommie Grabiec was incredible in every way in his role of Titus Andronicus!

I particularly felt the connection between Mr. Grabiec and his brother Marcus Andronicus played by Anthony Webster. Their chemistry was engaging, they truly seemed like brothers. Mr. Webster delivered his lines with emotion, style and grace. His presence as well as that of Titus always seemed to bring the audience to attention. Beautiful!"

- Cindy Higginson (Life Coach)
17th August 2015


"I was truly captivated by the commanding, resounding and passionate performance of Tommie Grabiec as Titus Andronicus. He grasped the audience from the very moment he arrived on stage and steered us resolutely through the trials and tribulations of his constantly emotional and gripping existence in this play.

The precision, delivery and timbre of his articulations soared around the magnificent castle setting as if to muster the very soul of its heritage; a pin was dropped in the distance and it was heard by all as he held us all magnificently in his light.

Unequivocally indicative of an actor who obviously prepares, hones, refines and polishes his craft meticulously and constantly to produce a shining beacon of a performance such as this.

When in play, Titus was the brightest shining star of the heavens that all the planets revolved around.

Bravo indeed!"

- Paul Dewdney (Actor, Producer)
26th July 2015


"My first visit to Oxford Castle and one I will not forget. The grounds were spectacular for such a production to be brought to form. The natural daylight catching the eyes of the performers revelling the pain and suffering was truly captivating. The weather in fact felt like it was dancing through the performance, shedding light on scenes deserving of light and shade at the darkest of scenes moments.

I have the utmost respect for participants in this production for their dedication and commitment to their career/craft.

The gentleman who played Titus Andronicus, actor Tommie Grabiec had an incredible presence who truly owned all the attributes and emotions required to portray such a character with force as Titus.

Having watched many performances this year I have to say I was taken aback by the craftsmanship that I witnessed, very impressive. Titus's voice control and ability to stay in the physicality throughout demonstrated what a dedicated, focused and talented actor he is.

A force to be reckoned with, may you go forth and conquer all!

All the very best to all on this production. Truly entertaining."

- Stevie-Rose Blake (Actor)
29th July 2015


"Tommie Grabiec as Titus commanded the stage with a booming voice and a confidence befitting a Roman General and as tragedy upon tragedy was heaped upon him, Titus unravelled beautifully before our very eyes to become a man haunted by having committed no crime other than to have always tried to do the right thing. His descent into near madness was wonderfully executed and we really did feel his pain as his family was destroyed and the whole framework of identity was taken from him. The abstract concept of Rome has a lot to answer for."

– Stage Reviewer (Oxford)
30th July 2015


"On a not so warm August evening, I had the fortunate opportunity to watch Titus Andronicus in the courtyard of Oxford Castle. The backdrop to the play lent itself well to this production, and the cast used the various areas of the castle successfully in their adaptation of the play.

From the beginning, the male lead Tommie Grabiec gave a commanding performance as the noble Roman General, who is reduced into a shadow of himself after the brutal rape and savage attack upon his daughter. This is a very difficult role to pull off successfully and I felt that Tommie Grabiec's performance from his commanding entrance to a grief stricken father had all the right elements.

The production is done very well, and I liked the way in which the audience at the beginning are used as part of the welcoming crowd. I felt that the actress Victoria Coleman, Tamora, grew into the role as the play developed and I particularly liked the scenes between Tamora and Titus at the end, again a difficult scene, in which she excelled."

Richard Dykes (Director)
5th August 2015


"Next we find the entrance of Titus Andronicus himself. I have to say I was anticipating an average performance at best. I could not have been more wrong. From his opening line Tommie Grabiec held my rapt attention. His delivery of lines was superb, his ability to project impeccable. Often when he wasn't on stage I found myself waiting for his return. As the story unfolds we see Titus, Tommie Grabiec transform from a powerful General into a broken shell of a man. In the end Tommie was able to not only hold the entire audience's attention but had us become emotionally invested in his tortured story. I say BRAVO Tommie Grabiec you were completely brilliant."

Jane (Producer)
7th August 2015