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Mighty Dragon and Dear Companion



There comes a fine and special time in Life, within this marvellous and surprising Celestial sphere of existence, when one lovingly befriends a dear and loyal ally, who shines as a mirror in the reflection of one’s own Soul.

Zookie, the mighty and compassionate bearded dragon is such a friend to me

In the early hours, whilst entering into the house of Virgo, my comrade in arms and fetters, breathed his last and final breath. As I watched with a sad heart, I felt his Spirit pass through the centre of my own Heart.



We shared many wonderful adventures together, how delightful it was when you sat on my shoulder whilst we went about the everyday business of flow and joy. Many a times were spent in the midst of Nature, hearing the soft flutter of the grass, the call of the wind and sky, shining caricatures of laughter and the busy resonation of crickets and snails, the time in the park when you kept on exploring bravely whilst looking back to me.

Most of all I will remember your quiet judgement and sympathetic glow. I thank you dear friend for all the lessons we shared together as one Soul. I will miss you with fondness and eternal Love and yet I know you are still with me, together along on the silken thread and tapestry of blessings and angels.

I will always hear your voice, as you have called me now, from the netherworlds of Life beyond, where the raindrops of the cosmos cast their watchful and divine pall, beaming unto the beholders of Gaia.




This is a testament and remembrance to you, Zookie, my loyal, loving and eternal friend. You, who have drifted into the world of Spirit in timelessness. May your Soul blow to the cosmic winds and carry your glowing essence across the waters of divine consciousness. Your voice plays on the strings of my grating heart, majestic orbs shining glittered sands of time and bounty.



Friend of eternity from the comfy stars
How I do yearn for thy wink and smile
Streams beget the rivers and earth
Shadow pointing the twinkling guides
Sharing soft and graceful smiles unto thee

My life is enriched!

Sweeping truth with eyes open
Senses course the river golden
Bright glows abound thy belly tickled
Nature the womb breathes life
I hold heart to my breast

We shall yet share adventure!

With eyes springing violet wine
Seasons of four arrive on swift wind
Merry making and dancing fire
Shouts of brightly hey and ho
Can the splendour of weaves glisten?

The nod and answer is the question!




Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Yearning


These gifts I bestow upon thy journey; rose for love, feather for flight, incense for sweet memory, candy for colour, herbs for  relaxation, magical jug for water, girdle for protection, robe for warmth, slippers for comfort, boots for strength and symbol of manifest.


"Fly Elegantly Loyal Soul, fly as wind in Spirit eternal"