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"A master of prosperity, everything Tiger touches turns to gold. He’s courageous and methodical in his approach to meet a goal, and leaps upon a solution when challenged with a problem. Tiger is a natural leader, and supports others in their goals while consistently working toward meeting his own. He’s satisfied with his life, and enjoys his peaceful place of retreat whenever he needs to unwind. Tiger is your guide in making a commitment to a long-term goal, and reminds you that you can reap rewards just as he has done. Take pride in your achievements, and be on the lookout for great opportunities."

- Paulina Cassidy (Spiritsong Tarot)

The Prince of Disks is the Universal Archetype and Worldly principle representing MASTERY OF EXERCISE AND BUILDER OF NEW WORLDS.

In The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien, The Prince of Disks is the architect, the designer, and the builder of new forms. With steel-like determination (the chariot), he builds new worlds that are beautiful and abundant (flowers and fruits in the golden tapestry) and worlds that are less obstructive and difficult (the many little boulders on the back of the chariot).



"He is the sportsman who through exercise has mastered the capacity to build and recreate structures, which include reforming the body through exercise. The Queen of Disks reforms the body through diet."

- Angeles Arrien (The Tarot Handbook)


The Prince of Disks forges ahead like Taurus the Bull, to implement structures and forms that are solid, abundant and beautiful. He holds the double helix as a reminder of his capacity to build new worlds that can be implemented consciously (the winged-bull helmet) in concrete, aesthetic ways.

The Prince of Disks represents mastery of the body, especially through sports and exercise. When you are drawn to this card, it is an indication that you can achieve mastery concerning physical activity, architecture, design, building and sports.

During the month of Taurus or with Taurus people in your life, you have the capacity to move in new directions where new fruitful forms can be built. The Prince of Disks can also indicate a desire to travel or relocate either in the month of Taurus or from now until Taurus (April 21st to May 21st). It can also mean meeting new people that inspire your moving in new directions as a result of taking a trip or relocating to a new environment.



The Prince of Disks can represent a younger man or Taurus person that you are inspiring to be more active in exercise or, you may be motivating him to move in new directions that are more fruitful for him. Also, a younger man in your life, or Taurus person of any age, might be a motivating force in your life at this time.

For women, this symbol represents the dynamic youthful part of yourself that loves activity. This is the inner animus of your nature that is determined to build solid and abundant structures.



In the elegant Shadowscapes Companion Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore, The King of Pentacles bears a seed in his hand. It gleams golden, with an inner light, and it pulses as if it contains a heartbeat that speaks with a humble promise to sprout. The leaves strain forth to bask in that radiance. The branches offer ripe, honeyed fruits, each luscious globe swelling with tantalizing, sweet juices. His branches strain upwards like the proud tines of a stag. He is at once man and tree and dragon; all intertwined, interlocked, entangled; he is a king of the material world.


"This king is an enterprising individual, a man possessing of multifarious talents. He has the golden touch of Midas, gilding everything around him with a sumptuous gleam. When he lays his hands upon a venture, it is bound for success. When he sets his mind to an idea, it becomes polished brilliance. He is reliable and adept at what he does. He is a steady and solid support should you need someone to lean on. The eternal strength and stability of the trees is his to draw from. Roots spread far and deep, taking energy from the dark, loamy wells of the earth – from the caverns of the earth guardians, from the lairs of dragons, and from the ancient stones and bones of the deep. With that stabilizing force, he stretches branches and arms and aspirations to the stars."


He is an inspiration for success and still is generous and willing to share his wealth and fortune. Partake of the fruit he offers. He knows that wealth will be shared and shared again, and from those fruits, new seeds will sprout and grow to be mighty trees.



In the beautiful Fantastical Creatures Tarot by Lisa Hunt (illustration) and D.J. Conway (writer) The Prince of Disks/King of Pentacles is known as “Lord of the Greenwood”.

The oldest form of The Green Man comes from Celtic Legends. God of the Woodlands, animals and fertility, the Lord of the Greenwood is portrayed in old English church carvings as a half-seen face peering out of the leaves. Antlers crown his head, and his eyes are brilliant and piercing.

On this card, Lord of the Greenwood merges with the Goddess, Earth Mother. The web of life is strung behind him between two trees. Shown are some of the animals within his protective domain. He deeply loves, and cares for each child that is born of his union with the Goddess.

If a person, this card represents a wealthy, secure man who is experienced in handling money. The appearance of such a man will help you in a business. You find new meaning and spiritual comfort in nature.

In the informative thesis “Learning the Tarot” by Joan Bunning, the author makes some excellent points;



"The personality of the King of Pentacles is a combination of the positive earth energy of the Pentacles suit and the active, outward focus of a King. He might as well be called King Midas as he turns everything he touches to gold (riches of all kinds). He finds opportunity everywhere and succeeds at whatever he sets his mind to. He is enterprising and adept. Whatever the task, he handles it competently, drawing on his wide range of skills and practical knowledge. He’s a jack of all trades, and master of all as well. He is always dependable and responsible. Others rely on his completely because he never fails them. He gives generously of his time and resources because he knows that by giving more, you receive more. He encourages others in their accomplishments and lends his support whenever it is needed. He has a steady and even temperament that adds an element of stability to any situation. When he has set a goal for himself, he pursues it with firm resolve until he’s successful."


In readings, the King of Pentacles asks you to take the kinds of actions he might take. For example: keeping a commitment, fixing something that’s broken, making money or sponsoring a new enterprise. This King can also represent a man or woman who is acting as they do, or an atmosphere of steady, reliable competence. In a reading, he tells you that his special energy has meaning for you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this King in whatever form he appears in your life.



We find along our journey comparisons to all forms of life. This is shown bountifully in the Animals Divine Companion by Lisa Hunt.

The Prince of Disks is Ahau Kin from Mayan Legend, symbolizing Material and Business Success, plans for the future.


"Jaguars are mystical creatures that possess the powers of darkness. Primitive instincts reflect the shadow aspects of the psyche. If we tap into inner shadows and allow them to manifest in a productive manner, we will be able to access a wealth of energy that can facilitate ambition and drive. The forest represents the material world. The exterior world can influence dream states. The moon influences the psyche and enables shadows to emerge. The tree roots serve as a bridge between the ego-driven subconscious and the more collective elements of the unconscious psyche. The medallion represents the sun and serves as a reminder that we need the balance of day and night. Dreams are changeable and sometimes elusive, much like the low-level fog that obscures the earth. But within the dream realm, we can learn to harness energy and inspiration that can be applied to our waking lives."


Ahau Kin is the Mayan sun god who was connected to both the daytime aboveworld and the nocturnal underworld. Once the sun sank into the horizon, Ahau Kin assumed the shape of a jaguar and roamed the nocturnal landscape. His markings are symbols of his connection with the divine cat. During the day, he would transform back into his human appearance. The sun god could cause human suffering by burning crops during times of drought.

The jaguar was considered to be one of the most sacred animals of the Mayan culture. Its countenance was carved into some temples as a means of honoring the god.

Ahau Kin’s ability to traverse the nightly forests in the form of an animal is a reminder that we, too, should try to recognize our own internal animalistic strengths in order to pave new roads of ambition. The inner animal spirit that is represented by the shadow in our psyches can provide the essential ingredient for financial success. Without the stamina of our strong inner animal, perhaps we would become too easily discouraged in the face of obstacles. Analyze dreams and tap into your own inner animal energies as a means of striving for success. Plan carefully and identify the means you must take in order to pursue goals for a more financially robust future.



The Art Nouveau Tarot by Antonella Castelli, shows the Prince of Disks as a powerful man who clutches a kicking maid. This is the symbol of arrogance, of cupidity and of greed. A warning of the darker side of the Prince of Disks. Always Know Thyself !



In Tarot of the Old Path by Howard Rodway, the King of Pentacles is shown as a black-haired and dark eyed man. A person who has found success in his vocation or business. A shrewd, sensible, well-established man, symbolizing intellectual aptitude. A loyal friend.

On the reverse side, it warns of someone not to be trusted. A person who will use any means to achieve the desired end. Fraud. Vice. Stay Alert !



In the ancient Haindl Tarot by Hermann Haindl, the Prince of Disks is represented as the “Father of Stones”. The footprints of animals and the dark prints of a Spirit being show on the ground. The Old Man is a helper Spirit for the Earth. This shows the fundamental male principle, someone who cares deeply for family and for nature. A Hard Worker.

On the reverse it shows a bigot, cold and uncaring, lacking success, carrying the pain at the suffering of the world. Dark, brooding, dangerous.



In the wonderful Kleopatra Tarot by Etta Stoico and Silvana Alasia, the King of Pentacles is cognizant of Shu. A merchant, entrepreneur or stock market agent, well-disposed towards the consultant. A shrewd investment.

The marvelous Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood and Michael Short shows a rich man (materially and spiritually), steady, reliable, earthy, helpful, sensual.

On the reverse it warns of being too materialistic. A tendency toward stupidity and stubbornness. Perverse use of talents. A dangerous man when angry. Addiction to physical comfort. Don’t get complacent !



In the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot there is an account of the following;

The figure calls for no special description. The face is rather dark, suggesting also courage, but somewhat lethargic in tendency. The bull’s head should be noted as a recurrent symbol on his throne. The sign of this suit is represented throughout as engraved or blazoned with the pentagram, typifying the correspondence of the four elements in human nature and that by which they may be governed.

Valor, realizing intelligence, business and normal intellectual aptitude, sometimes mathematical gifts and attainments of this kind – success in these paths.

On the reverse; vice, weakness, ugliness, perversity, corruption, peril. Review your progress, and decide whether you’re taking the right steps in meeting your goals. Set yourself a healthy routine, and be open to changes.



In the Connolly Tarot by Eileen Connolly (writer) and Peter Paul Connolly (illustrator) the Prince of Disks is in lieu with good position in industry. This man is mathematically competent. A generous soul who is friendly and affectionate.

On the reverse, it symbolizes a most materialistic man who talks a lot and often appears stupid. He is opinionated and easily led.

In The New Palladini Tarot by David Palladini, we see the silhouette of a strong, crowned man. Inside his head is the cosmic universe, with a jeweled pentacle floating therein. He is the King in contemplation of all that exists.

In The Book of Thoth by The Master Therion, Aleister Crowley, the Prince of Disks is given a tremendous applause;

The Prince of Disks represents the airy part of Earth, indicating the florescence and fructification of that element. He rules from the 21st degree of Aries to the 20th degree of Taurus.



"The figure of this Prince is meditative. He is the element of Earth become intelligible. Clothed in light armour, his helmet is crowned with the head of a bull; and his chariot is drawn by an ox, this animal being peculiarly sacred to the Element of Earth. In his left hand he holds his disk, which is an orb resembling a globe, marked with mathematical symbols as if to imply the planning involved in agriculture. In his right hand he bears an orbed scepter surmounted by a cross, a symbol of the Great Work accomplished; for it is his function to bring forth from the material of the element that vegetation which is the sustenance of the Spirit itself.

The character denoted by this card is that of great energy brought to bear upon the most solid of practical matters. He is energetic and enduring, a capable manager, a steadfast and persevering worker. He is competent, ingenious, thoughtful, cautious, trustworthy, imperturbable; he constantly seeks new uses for common things, and adapts his circumstances to his purposes in a slow, steady, well-thought out plan.

He is lacking almost entirely in emotion. He is somewhat insensitive, and may appear dull, but he is not; it so appears because he makes no effort to understand ideas which are beyond his scope. He may often appear stupid, and is inclined to be resentful of more spiritual types. He is slow to anger, but, if driven, becomes implacable. It is not very practicable to distinguish between the good and evil dignities in this card; one can merely say that, in case of his being ill-dignified, both the quality and quantity of his characteristics are somewhat degraded. The reaction of others to him will depend almost entirely upon their own temperaments."


In the YÎ King, the airy part of Earth is represented by the 53rd hexagram, Kien. The commentary concerns the flight of wild geese, “gradually approaching the shore”, then “the large rocks”, then “advanced to the dry plains – the trees – the high mound”; finally, to “the large heights”. It thus symbolizes slow, steady emancipation from repressive conditions.

The description is even happier that that given by the Qabalah, although in every way congruous with it. Practical considerations are never absent from Chinese thought, even at its most abstruse and metaphysical. The fundamental heresy of the Black Lodge is contempt for “the world, the flesh, and the devil”, all which are essential to the plan of the Universe; it is cardinal to the Great Work for the Adept so to order affairs that “even the evil germs of Matter shall alike become useful and good”.

The error of Christian Mystics on this point has been responsible for more cruelty, misery, and collective insanity than all others put together; its poison can be traced even in the teachings of Freud, who assumed that the Unconscious was “the devil”, whereas in fact it is the instinct which expresses, beneath a veil, the inherent Point-of-View of each, and, properly understood, is the key to Initiation, and a hint of what seed may blossom and fructify as the “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”. For every man and every woman is a star”.

But no doubt the judgement of the Adepts Exempt (for it is they who determine, under the guidance of the Masters of the Temple, all such details of doctrine) in respect of this card has been influenced by its transition from Aries to Taurus. It is too often forgotten that Taurus is the House of Venus, and that Luna is exalted therein. The new doctrine set forth in this present Essay makes the primary colour of Earth not black, but green; it insists that every Disk is a living and revolving symbol. The central thesis of the Book of the Law asserts the Perfection of the Universe. In its pantheistic conception all possibilities are equal in value; each and every Point-Event is “a play of Nuit”, as it is written in the Book of Wisdom or Folly, “Bind nothing! Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt. But whose availeth in this, let him be the chief of all!” Liber Al. I. 22. Or, yet more comprehensively and simply” “Every number is infinite, there is no difference.” Ib I. 4.



In the great thesis Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot by Lon Milo DuQuette, the author reminds us a few simple facts; The Prince of Disks is Air of Earth, 20° Aries to 20° Taurus, April 11th to May 10th. Rules 4 of Wands; 5 of Disks; 6 of Disks.

Original Titles are The Prince of the Chariot of Earth; Prince and Emperor of the Gnomes.

The Crest is that of a Winged Bull’s head. It’s symbols are; Flowery Land. Bull. Dark scepter with orb and cross. Orb held downward. The hair is dark brown and the eyes are dark.


"The Prince of Disks is a devil. I’ve been a whole week on him & he is engendering a nervous breakdown in me coupled with starvation as he gives me no time to eat. He is a bastard. However, I hope I have caught him today. He swells & swells & I can’t get him in the picture with all the farm produce & bulls you suggest."

- Harris to Crowley, date uncertain


A devil indeed! But what a devil! I don’t think it’s a good idea to put too many Princes of Disks in the same room. These fellows change the world with their “great energy brought to bear upon the most solid of practical matters.” Consider this short roster of Prince of Disks: Marcus Aurelius, William Shakespeare, Catherine the Great, Thomas Jefferson, Robespierre, Ulysees S. Grant, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Nikolai Lenin, Adolf Hitler, Emperor Hirohito, Robert Oppenheimer, Harry Truman, Golda Meir and Saddam Hussein.

Harris’s Prince is seated in a chariot filled with globular seeds that seem to be ready to burst into plants at any moment. He is a very cool character. His eyes are closed in meditation, as if he were mentally directing the brooding fecundity of the entire universe. He is the picture of someone who is in control on the material plane. He may seem a bit dull and emotionless, but he’s not. He’s just not a snob, and he doesn’t bother with things he considers impractical. He’s the ultimate handyman.

This is the darkest card of the suit of Disks, full of rich browns and blacks.

The Prince of Disks is an affirmation that we are on the correct path, our Destiny. There is no need to push, the Universe will provide. Acknowledge the great gift that has been passed to your everlasting Spirit.

Your inner Prince has taught you well, together you have built a sturdy foundation with which other entities can be built whether on the astral, material plane or for the mind, the heart, the soul, the entire Cosmos !






makes any venture successful
finds opportunity everywhere
attracts wealth
takes an idea and makes it work
is a natural manager and businessman
has the Midas touch



informed about practical matters
has wide range of natural abilities
has quick reflexes
is skilful with hands
handles any situation competently



meets all commitments and promises
assumes responsibility
is dependable and unfailing
can be counted on in a crisis
serves as a rock for others to lean on



encourages accomplishments of others
readily jumps in to help
is a philanthropist
gives generously of time and attention
sponsors worthwhile projects



works toward a goal with firm resolve
avoids mood and behavior swings
has regular habits and activities
maintains a calm, even approach
is a stabilizing influence





- Carpe Diem -

robustness, success, excellence, tests, unshakeable tenacity and conviction, hard work, setting material goals, loyalty, practicality, genius, creativity, experience, adventurers, directness, deep belief, artists, self-sufficiency, strength of body and mind, completing what was started, pride in work, discovering natural skills and aptitudes, doing what we love, learning as we go, early stages of creativity and professionalism, proving mettle, assuming personal control, new employment, competition, responsibility, reliability, discipline, patience, tenacity, sound investment, manifestation, reliable allies, helping friends, ownership, experts, tycoons, warriors, sportsmen, creators, entrepreneurs, builders, sculptors, inventors, financiers, magnates, teachers, motivators, priests, politicians, gurus, hierarchy, courage, luxury, commitment, manifestation, ambition, valor, protection, determination, security, reward, deep intelligence, mathematical gifts, business and intellectual aptitude, success in all matters




- Vigilance of the Self -

crudity, hardness, vanity, banality, lack of sophistication, contempt for sensitivity, dogmatism, contempt for inwardness and spirituality, refusal to offer assistance or advice




- Live in Balance -

warning, poor investment, negative outcomes, failure, bad attitude, indecision, laziness, waste, incompetence, taking the easy road, short-cuts and prevarication, stubbornness, avoidance of hard work, dissatisfaction, leaving things to others, overindulgence, relinquishing control, instability, materialistic, avoiding responsibility, breakdown, capitulation, failure to learn from past mistakes, illness, reluctance to develop talents and aptitude, vice, weakness, ugliness, perversion, peril



"Occasionally the reversed position advises us to become more easy-going and spontaneous. We need not take setbacks personally. We may need to be less obsessed by physical accomplishment and worldly recognition. We can be easier on ourselves."

- Michael Tsarion



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