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"Breathe in the flames of passion and desire, for they are one and you are of them, and your path will take you into success!"

- Tomasz Antoni

The Knight of Wands is the Worldly Principle and Universal Archetype of Mastery of Your own Personal Vision and Vitality, meaning you are fully committed to the heavenly rhythm of Spiritual Growth and Evolution. Filled with wholesome energy, you are now unwilling to edit, rehearse or hold back any part of who you are. Charging forward, you are eager to share perceptions and insights which can assist deep changes internally and externally.

Angeles Arrien in his masterful work The Tarot Handbook gives great clarity to honouring the succinct vision which The Knight of Wands represents; the Mastery of Visionary goals and changes that are inspired from the deepest core of who we truly are and wish to become.



"The Glorious Knight rides upon the splendid unicorn horse, a symbol of vision and inspiration that has Great purpose and application in your Life and helps you achieve your deepest goals and desires. The Knight within your powerful being represents the deep internal shifts and perceptions that are being dynamically expressed in the world and your Life. You have become the Vision Quester who has attained a significant vision of clarity and your energies are now mobilising to bring your vision to fulfilment."

- Angeles Arrien (The Tarot Handbook)



The Magnificent Knight of Wands holds the torch, the Ace of Wands in hand to burn away any blocks and obstacles that stand in the way of progress, in actualizing your ultimate vision. Your inner Knight helps you to shed old beliefs and to highly honour the changing perceptions that you have of yourself and others, which is symbolized by the reptilian suit.




Michael Tsarion in his fantastic Taroscopes has pointed out various occult motifs within the Knight of Wands. Looking at the Knight from a Quabalistic perspective, the Nature is Chokmah in Atziluth. This is Fire of Fire, Will Directing Will. The Knight rules the Eight and Nine of Wands and is throned on the Nine of Wands, representing men aged thirty-six and older.

The Knight of Wands is associated with the fire sign months of Aries (March 21st to April 21st), Leo (July 21st to August 21st) and Sagittarius (November 21st to December 21st). During these periods, there is huge divine support to initiate new rhythms and move in new directions.




Opportunities to begin new ventures and applying one’s vision in new ways can come through significant older men and fire sign people. A strong focus and directional clarity can be experienced in fire sign months, so please pay special attention!

For women, the Knight of Wands can represent the dynamic part of their inner assertive nature, the animus, which is determined to apply an inspired vision without holding back in any way.



Within the sparkling Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore, the focus of The Knight of Wands is inner change and progression towards one’s goals. The Knight within you is filled with daring and passion, the Spirit is bright ablaze with the fire that prevails throughout the Wands suit.



"Like fire, the bright, brindled fur of his lion mount and fox attendants flash through the woods as they dart in a flaming entourage through the trees. The wind runs rippling fingers through his hair, and he laughs for the joy of that sensation and the power leashed in the muscles of the lion, bunching and stretching beneath him."

- Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore
(Shadowscapes Companion)

Your journey is filled with high adventure and passionate excitement! The Knight may spur rivalry and conflict, although not because you seek it, however the energy of the Knight also brings a certain cockiness and assuredness, which may go beyond self-confidence. This is a warning not to over-exceed with aggressiveness the limits with such a strong and vibrant energy. Use the Knights zeal for good, to achieve your goals, although never stoop so low as to stomp on the backs of other people. Rather help others in their pursuits!


"He is a Knight with a blazing lion’s heart and the sparking cleverness of foxes, though not always the wisdom to match it. He recklessly rides crashing through the world, leaping from cliffs in heroic bounds towards his destination. Such a wondrously heroic sight to glimpse him as he passes! Destiny, faith, and the purity of his goal shine with an effervescent glow in his eyes, so that perhaps he does not notice the flowers he may trample along the path in his headlong plunge. Be wary of allowing the wild temper and flaming energy of this knight to cause discord and interruption."

- Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore
(Shadowscapes Companion)



In the fragrant Animals Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt, the Knight of Wands is symbolized by the ancient Aborigine goddess of Creation, Yhi, who manifests creative energy, the determination to succeed, pursuing desires with focus and initiative whilst maintaining a balanced and respectful Heart.


"All life is germinating into a powerful force of energy. Butterflies and dragons symbolize the soul and the potential for rebirth and resurrection. Old patterns of behaviour and stagnation can be broken if one ponders the powers of smaller creatures. The firefly symbolizes passion and a desire to persevere; the turtle is symbolic of strength and determination. Bees are industrious and orderly and are reminders of the importance to remain focused on tasks at hand. Fish and frogs are fecund and offer a pathway to cleansing and renewal. Spiders are weavers of destiny. Their intricate webs are reminders of the uniqueness of each life. Birds help to elevate our thinking, thus engaging us in a more spiritual mindset. The illuminated stars are beacons for creative inspiration and deep desires."

- Lisa Hunt (Animals Divine)



Yhi is the Aboriginal goddess of creation. She emerged from a dreamtime sleep and illuminated the earth with her opening eyes. She proceeded to walk the earthly terrain and, as she did so, greenery sprouted from her footsteps. She walked all over until foliage dominated her pathways. She wanted to animate life and descended to the underworld, where she encountered evil spirits. The evil spirits tried to subdue her with song, but the strength of the warm goddess defeated their dark natures. Instead, all manner of life began to evolve under the illuminating powers of the goddess’ sweet presence.


"Insects stirred to life: butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and all manner of tiny creatures began to dance amid the warm rays of Yhi’s nourishing light. She then shone upon dark caves and crevices of the world and fishes, birds, lizards, amphibians, and all the animals began to reveal their presence. She then blessed them with the promise of seasons and the knowledge that their lives would continue in her celestial domain once they outlived their mortal shells. Her orb of light descended into the horizon and darkness prevailed. The new inhabitants fell asleep until the light of dawn woke them once again. Sadness began to pervade the bliss and creatures expressed their desire to become more mobile. Some creatures wanted wings, others wanted legs, and some wanted to writhe or wiggle. Yhi gave them the resources they desired. She then turned her energy toward creating human beings. She first created a man and then a woman from a flower. And together, the man and the woman became companions."

- Lisa Hunt (Animals Divine)



Yhi's power of light allows her to create all manner of new life. When we learn to harness our own light, we become more powerful thinkers and creators. Even the most mundane chores and activities can become creative tasks when we adjust our thinking and live a life invested with positive energy.

Within the resplendent Fantastical Creatures Tarot by Lisa Hunt and D.J. Conway, the Knight of Wands is illustrated by the powerful Shedu, the winged Bulls who symbolize the arrival of good changes in your Life.



"Images of massive winged bulls, called the Shedu, were placed at entrances to temples and palaces for protection. The Shedu are shown with wings, a man’s crowned head, and the body of a bull. They have their own language, but are proficient in communicating telepathically with humans. They use their psychic powers to work against evil, aid those in need, teach magicians positive spell work, and guide astral travellers."

- Lisa Hunt & D.J. Conway
(Fantastical Creatures)

The Shedu’s five legs represent the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit. The crown denotes spiritual enlightenment, and the ability to pass this knowledge on to prepared humans. Important, powerful forces are affecting the events in your Life. Be certain you are on a positive path in order to take advantage of them. Good news is coming about a journey, a move and a job change. Meditation on this card will teach you how to balance the elements in your Life to greater purpose and in the journey to fulfilling your destiny.

Within the splendid Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning, the Knight of Wands is shown to be full of energy, vitality and Life, never afraid to try something new. This will give you bright energy to launch yourself forward into projects and endeavours with full gusto! Take hold of your courage and passion as you have within yourself the way to be sexy, irresistible and charming.



The Tarot deck that is referenced is the marvellous Rider-Waite Tarot. Shown is a Knight on a journey, armed with a short wand. The dark, young, friendly man is mailed, although not for war. On his journey he passes pyramids. These symbols hint at departure, absence, flight, emigration and change of residence.

As stated previously, there is a danger of becoming a little too sure of yourself and getting trapped by shallowness and thoughtlessness. This may lead to becoming reckless and irresponsible, acting without thinking, with a bad temper. You need to strive to find the right balance and ask yourself “is the Knight’s energy helping me or hindering me?”



Are you in a rut? Try something new! Are you always planning with every detail? Wing it next time! Are you working too hard? Go out and have some fun!

Allow the Gorgeous Knight of Wands within yourself to introduce you to his world of adventure, excitement, risk and fun!



Illustrated and written within the bountiful Haindl Tarot by Hermann Haindl, the Knight of Wands is the Son of Wands, who is shown as Krishna, with the blue halo behind symbolizing the peacock feather.

Krishna’s beautiful flute music brings the divine mind into physical reality, and gives the Spirit an infusion and an appreciation of Love of Life, Passion in the Arts, and brings attractiveness to the Soul. The trickster within is also awakened and will lay light to hidden depths, both those that need to be embraced and laid to rest.

Within the shining Kleopatra Tarot, the Knight of Wands is likened to ApisGod of Strength and Fertility, who brings with him an offer of work, a distant relative, sudden departure and change of address. These must be embraced with full vigour and passion, for it is change that takes us into creating the paths which will fulfill our destiny, making our goals a reality.



In the poetic Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley, The Knight of Wands represents the fiery part of Fire; he rules from the 21st degree of Scorpio to the 20th degree of Sagittarius. He is a warrior in complete armour, and on his helmet for a crest he wears a black horse. In his hand he bears a flaming torch; a flame also in his mantle; and upon the flames does he ride. His steed is a black horse leaping.


"The moral qualities appropriate to this figure are activity, generosity, fierceness, impetuosity, pride, impulsiveness, swiftness in unpredictable actions. If wrongly energized, he is evil-minded, cruel, bigoted and brutal. He is in either case ill-fitted to carry on his action; he has no means of modifying it according to circumstances. If he fails in his first effort, he has no resource."

- Aleister Crowley (The Book of Thoth)

In the Yî King, the fiery part of Fire is represented by the 51st hexagram, Kãn. The signification there given is entirely in accordance with the doctrine of the Tarot, but great emphasis is laid on the startling, perilous, and revolutionary character of the events cognate. The Querent is advised to be apprehensive, yet cool, resolute and energetic, to beware of untimely action, but to go forward with tense confidence in own ability.



In the Fabulous text Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, the author Lon Milo DuQuette points out the Astrological aspects of The Knight of Wands; 20° Scorpio to 20° Sagittarius (November 13th to December 12th) and ruling the Seven of Cups, the Eight and Nine of Wands.

The Knight of Wands is also known by the titles “The Lord of the Flame and the Lightning” and “The King of the Spirits of Fire King of the Salamanders”.



The symbols of the unwavering Knight are the Black horse, waving flames and a scarlet gold cloak, with hair of /a>, Indira Gandhi, Robert Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, Mary Queen of Scots were all Knight of Wands. Fiery reds, yellows and gold dominate this card as all the Wand court cards.



The Knight of Wands has come into your Life now to remind you that achieving your goals and pursuits is coming into action. There is always more hard work to be done, however the Joyous Knight has come to show you that a major step is about to be trodden, that all you have been working hard for will come to pass. Great energy is on your side and you have the fulfilment of Spirit. Maintain your balance and use YOUR Knight’s energy to push through to the next phase of Success!






- Charming/Superficial -

physically attractive/focusing on style and appearance
disarms opposition with smile/thoughtless and insensitive
sexy and seductive/pursues sexual conquests
glamour and excitement/avoids deep and serious matters
is honey-tongued/saying and doing what is expedient

Self-Confident/Cocky -

totally lacks self-doubt/overestimates abilities
has a can-do attitude/may boast and brag
convinced of talent/exaggerates accomplishments
self-assured at all times/brash and nervy
doesn’t sweat small stuff/is sometimes presumptuous

Daring/Foolhardy -

will risk anything without fear/is reckless and rash
will tackle what others avoid/will endanger self and others
first to volunteer for danger/doesn’t give danger due respect
loves being a hero/is an impetuous being
boldly goes where no one has gone before/is a daredevil

Adventurous/Restless -

loves travel-new experiences/never content to be still
seek novelty and change/can’t set down roots/ties
makes things happen/lacks inner peace and serenity
rises to every challenge/won’t stop to smell roses
footloose and fancy-free/must have constant stimulation

Passionate/Hot-Tempered -

is easily roused to action/angers easily
feels strong loyalties/is too ready for a fight
feels everything powerfully/lashes out when riled
takes a vocal stand/often acts without thinking
jumps in with both feet/have a chip on shoulder




- The Path to Success -

a project and adventure begins, victory, success, meaningful existence, self-confidence, new adventures explored, resilience, authority, practicality, concentration, leadership, prolific, breaking boundaries, going for broke, irresistible force, pioneering, leaving the old behind, vision, focus, higher calling, creative, self-reliance, the first steps, mastery, sports, drive, conviction, masculinity, competition




- Warning Signs -

over-estimated ability, grandiosity, opinionated, over-achievement, hatred of failure, perfectionism, remorseless pursuit of goals, excessive and unfocused zeal, egomania, inability to take time out and rest, inflation of self, ruthlessness




- Finding the Path -

shattered intentions, the mask falls, dependency, being bested, interruption, easily swayed and led, prevarication, premature capitulation, difficulty, lack of self-reliance, cowardice, poor health, conflict with a male, loss of ambition, weak vision, apathy, weakness, poor insight, doubt, hesitation, dishonour, conflict, division, rupture, discord, low self-esteem, losses, falsity



"The reversal asks to strengthen the positive and release the negative. Any path will always lead to both being fulfilled."

- Michael Tsarion



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