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"The point is …. to unify and harmonize the opposites, both positive and negative, by discovering a ground which transcends and encompasses them both."

- Ken Wilbur (No Boundary)

Art/Temperance is the Universal Archetype and Worldly Principle of Integration, Synthesis and Synergy. In order to come into our full artistry, our full cosmic potential, it is important to balance our paradoxes, oppositions and polarities within our Beautiful Nature.

Art is card number fourteen and each symbol on the card represents the union of opposition, creating something new. This process is called synergy. You temper the flows of opposites by modifying the flavour, adding new components and bringing opposing parties together. It is this process of combining and re-combination that brings about the healing magic of Creation.




Fire and Water merge to create steam. This metaphor is pictured with Leo the lion drinking from the cauldron with Scorpio, the eagle/phoenix, which is a water sign. They drink from the cauldron which contains air, the Life Force of the Universe. This produces good health in all aspects; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.



"Without water, fire rages utterly unchecked and all-consuming, burning itself out eventually in a terrible conflagration. And without fire, the waters are lightless and drowning, flooding until there is only a still, silent mirror of nothing. By defining each other’s limits, they both become imbued with life and become life-giving, tempered to co-exist in just the right balance, for too much of one, and the other will be smothered."

- Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore
(Shadowscapes Companion)

On the cauldron is another union of polarity symbolized by the bird and skull (the union of Life and Death) which is a prevalent experience for ourselves as Life and Death are one in the same, two opposites of the same coin of Life.



The great Sun disk unifies together with the crescent moons, from which the spinning stars are created. This is the promise of vitality and well-being.


"Earth and sky, fire and water, male and female, summer’s warmth and lush growth and winter’s chill winds bearing down: these opposites flow one into the other in the cyclical and endless push of yin and yang. They are perfectly balanced against one another; in fact, they are given purpose and definition by the existence of diametric opposites."

- Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore
(Shadowscapes Companion)

There is another significant message and that is of Sagittarius which is represented by the arrow shooting up the central axis of the figure of humankind.



Sagittarius reminds us that through our Life visions and dreams we fully express our unique artistry, while resolving any conflicts within ourselves.



"Sagittarius means ‘the archer’; the traditional image of this card is that of Diana the Huntress. We see echoes of this original theme in the two bows near the top of the card and the tiny upward-pointing arrow rising in the rainbow fumes of the cauldron. Sagittarius means ‘the archer’; the traditional image of this card is that of Diana the Huntress. We see echoes of this original theme in the two bows near the top of the card and the tiny upward-pointing arrow rising in the rainbow fumes of the cauldron."

- The Book of Thoth (Aleister Crowley)


The light and dark aspects of our Nature need to be balanced and incorporated before we can fully express who we are, and come to terms with our own magical Breath. Flexibility and understanding are needed to perceive the world in all the exhilarating Bounty and Beauty.



This is a time to come into quiet composure and maintain a calm air of deliberation, finding the energy of moderation and self-restraint. Climbing to the middle ground is important as this is the place where the calming air lives, the peace and tranquillity in the eye of the hurricane where the Beholder of the Journey finds the important balance of Self.


"She gathers herself, reaches within for the calm centre, that place of balance. From her centre, she feels the dragon and phoenix stirring. They twine about one another. They embrace in a sinuous twisting of scale and feather until it seems that one melts into the other. They coil around each other in a timeless battle for supremacy, choreographed in an elegant waltz of give and take, push and pull. They swirl about her in a maelstrom that assaults the senses. Like a maestro, she watches over and reins in one or the other when she senses any imbalance so that harmony is maintained."

- Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore
(Shadowscapes Companion)



The ruling planets of Art are Jupiter and Neptune and the season associated with Art/Temperance is Winter.

In the picturesque Animals Divine Tarot we see the resplendent Xochiquetzal whose energy beams with the processes of achieving balance, of going within and the synthesis of moderation.



"Xochiquetzal’s flowing hair and robes represent the channelling of dynamic energy. Creativity can now flow more freely between the waters of the unconsciousness and consciousness. The butterflies help to direct creative energies from a dormant primordial stasis to higher cognitive recognition. The wren and doves are keepers of the spirit and vehicles to transcendent thinking. The flowers in the water represent fertile ideas yet to be utilized. The frog is associated with the nourishing waters and the need to resurrect after a period of stagnation. The cattails help to bridge the water and air elements, helping to emphasize the importance of integrating emotion and thought. The feathers help to alleviate burdens of an overwhelming ego. The ego has dissolved somewhat, thus allowing the mind to absorb new creative energy. The circular design reinforces the ultimate goal toward the full integration of all the aspects of self in order to achieve a sense of wholeness."

- Animals Divine (Lisa Hunt)



Xochiquetzal is the flower and butterfly goddess (flower feather). She parallels the Roman Goddess Venus because of her luminescent beauty and matters pertaining to Love. She is the liberating Goddess of sexuality, marriage and childbirth and the Patroness of Creativity and the Arts.



Xochiquetzal survived an apocalyptic flood by fleeing on a boat with a mortal. She repopulated the Earth with her companion. A dove descended upon her children and gave them the gift of language.

Xochiquetzal reminds that after death, there is a rebirth into new energy. Her butterflies represent transformation and new beginnings. They flutter their harmonious dance with the Earth by transferring pollen and allowing the process of renewal to proliferate.



It is important to allow a higher force to cleanse us after times of great change. At times we need to examine ourselves in a more objective manner. By reaching within our most sacred place of Being, we create balance between external forces and internal desires. It is time to move beyond the ego, to new planes of self-awareness.

In The Book of Thoth, Art also goes by the names “The Daughter of the Reconcilers” and “The Bringer Forth of Life”.



"This card represents the Consummation of the Royal Marriage which took place in Atu VI. The black and white personages are now united in a single androgyne figure. Even the Bees and the Serpents on their robes have made an alliance. The Red Lion has become white, and increased in size and importance, while the White Eagle, similarly expanded, has become red. He has exchanged his red blood for her white gluten.

The equilibrium and counter-change are carried out completely in the figure itself; the white woman has now a black head; the black king, a white one. She wears the golden crown with a silver band, he, the silver crown with a golden fillet; but the white head on the right is extended in action by a white arm on the left which holds the cup of the white gluten, while the black head on the left has the black arm on the right, holding the lance which has become a torch and pours forth its burning blood. The fire burns up the water; the water extinguishes the fire.

The robe of the figure is green, which symbolizes vegetable growth; this is an alchemical allegory. In the symbolism of the fathers of science, all “actual” objects were regarded as dead; the difficulty of transmuting metals was that the metals, as they occur in nature, were in the nature of excrements, because they did not grow. The first problem of alchemy was to raise mineral to vegetable life; the adepts thought that the proper way to do this was to imitate the process of nature. Distillation, for instance, was not an operation to be performed by heating something in a retort over a flame; it had to take place naturally, even if months were required to consummate the Work."

- The Book of Thoth (Aleister Crowley)



Behind the figure, its edges tinged with the rainbow, which has now arisen from the twin rainbows forming the cape of the figure, is a glory bearing an inscription VISITA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INVENIES OCCULTUM LAPIDEM. This statement translates as “Visit the interior parts of the earth: by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone”. The initials make V.I.T.R.I.O.L. the Universal Solvent.





- Being Temperate -

finding the middle ground
showing moderation
mitigating a harsh position
looking for the golden mean
reaching a compromise
offsetting an extreme


- Maintaining Balance -

experiencing harmony
achieving equilibrium
bringing together opposites
recognizing all sides
fostering co-operation
feeling centred and secure


- Experiencing Health -

renewing energy and vigour
healing the self
avoiding excess
enjoying well-being
flourishing the spirit


- Combining Forces -

gathering together what is needed
joining with others
finding the right mix
creating synthesis
getting it all together





- Streaming Passions unto the World -

Enthusiasm, Courage, Blending, Etiquette, Advancement, Self-confidence, Being sociable, Favourable opportunity, Codes of conduct, Harmonization of divergent parts, Prosperity, Expansion, Unification of opposites, Enlargement, Success, Development, Inspiration, Good luck, Happiness, Growth, Optimism, Luxury, Moderation, Independence, Openness, Promotion, Integration, Plenty, Individuality, Rightness, Passion, Progress, Wealth, Zest, Lucidity, Belief, Grace, Established conventions, Synthesis, Tradition, Social pursuits and endeavours, Human rights, Honesty, Integrity, Decorum, Sophistication, Truth, Virtue

Conviction, Compassion, Composure, Justice, Rectitude, Tolerance, Benevolence, Respect, Finesse, Civic action, Philanthropy, Faith, Culture, Mores, Generosity, Ease, Social work, Veneration, Authoring, Ethics, Advanced education, Publishing, Faith, Charity, Higher learning, Broadcasting, Philosophy, Idealism, Advertisement, Media, Metaphysics, Artistic ventures, Promotion, Theology, Journalism, Voyages, Writing, High courts, Judges, Dignitaries, Visits, Reportage, Clever innovations, Executives, Long distance travel, Vacation, Priorities, Paralegals, Transnational enterprises, relations and deals, Corporations and conglomerates, Magnates, Foreign places and persons, Large business affairs, Law enforcement officers, State representatives, Major legal dealings, Energy cycle closure, Lawyers, Spiritual lessons, Challenges, Understanding




- Abandoning the Flow of Love -

Haste, Extravagance, Competitiveness, Machismo, Rapid expansion followed by challenges and obstacles, Overestimation of capacity and appeal, Refusal to see the dark side, Over-embellishment, Inflated self-importance, Excessive optimism, Fanaticism, Religious mania, Bravado, Mania, Excessive extroversion, Over-indulgence, Altruism, Mood swings, Exaggeration, Impatience, Excessive moralizing, Aggression, False hope, Waste, Excess, Inflation, Hubris, Selflessness




- Re-balancing the Sacred Temple -

Bad luck, Misplaced trust, Selfishness, Loss, Failure, Sorrow, Advancement blocked, Pessimism, Hostility, Sabotage, Adverse judgments, Poverty, Unfavourable fortune, Minimal successes, Accusation, Hard times, Lack of experience, Lack of integrity, Lost opportunity, No sense of achievement, Shattered expectations, Loss of composure, Dishonesty, Loss of initiative, Spiritual crisis, Social incongruence, Violated trust, Parsimony, Misplaced allegiance, Inappropriate causes, Miserliness, Lack of sophistication, Evil, Roughness, Blame, Immorality, Shoddy work, Ideals shattered, Wasted effort, Loss of faith, Promotion denied, Depression, Low morals, Lack of understanding, Narrow-mindedness, Lack of Intelligence, Intolerance, Crudeness, Lessons unlearned, Spiritual Emptiness, Atheism



"The reversal asks to strengthen the positive and release the negative. Any path will always lead to both being fulfilled."

- Michael Tsarion




- Drawing Your Own Divine Breath -


Liver, Large Organs, Appetite, Body weight, Fat, Over-indulgence and Recuperative ability



Art as a Life-Time Personality Symbol

For those whose birthday adds up to the number fourteen, Art/Temperance symbolizes your life-time personality symbol. Your inherent nature is about bringing together polarities and oppositions to create the greater whole. This is your gift to the world.

You are a visionary and together with your skills you will find that you hold within yourself great artistry that can be expressed in many ways and when fused together create symmetry and balance. You can see possibilities that others would not imagine. You point of view in these matters is unique and extraordinary. You have a natural ability to temper situations.

Sagittarius people in your Life (November 21
st to December 21st) function as mirrors for your own dreams and visions to be applied in the world. It is also a meaning that the months of Sagittarius are inspirational and integrative times for you.



Art as a Growth Symbol

When your birthday and the current year add up to fourteen, this is the year that Art/Temperance can be harnessed most effectively. This is the year that is best to temper and integrate seeming polarities and paradoxes in your Life. Things start to “fall into place” and you get the feeling that “things are finally coming together”.

Art/Temperance years are times when you find yourself expressing yourself artistically in ways you have not thought of before. It is a time where balance, Beauty, negotiation, networking are important qualities that need to be expressed more fully in your Life.

It is also a great time to integrate more with Sagittarius people and to resolve issues with Sagittarians. Also the months of Sagittarius are powerful kaleidoscopes for implementing new dreams and visions.



Art as an Outer Mirror

When you find yourself drawn towards the Art/Temperance symbol, it symbolizes that in the next fourteen days, weeks and months would be an excellent time to bring together two or more artistic talents together to synthesize a new energy within your own Magnificent Nature. It is a time to integrate those polarities and oppositions that you are experiencing both in your professional and personal Life.

Your Life dreams and visions start to come together during this all important and powerful time, and you will have great desire and intention in realizing your Life path.

The months of Sagittarius are important times as are Sagittarius people in your Life. Work to resolve any conflicts during this time.



Art as a Visual Affirmation
and Meditative Symbol


If you need to integrate two or more important issues, the Art/Temperance archetype is the most important aspect for balancing the polar opposites within your own Beautiful Nature.

It is through the meditation on this powerful symbol that you can begin the journey of experiencing Life as an Art form, sacred and full of meaning, both tempered and balanced.


Sample Affirmations

I am a creative, well-integrated individual.

I am as strong in my magnetic nature as I am in my dynamic nature.

I express the artistry of who I am in states of balance and integration.

I experience temperance when I equally value the light and dark within my own Nature.



Symbols that are facets of Art

Art/Temperance is the external expression of the Hierophant. Art is card fourteen which numerologically adds up to five.




Five of Swords (Defeat) symbolizes the fear and memory of Defeat. This is negative thinking that opens an old wound, the energy of constriction and distortion of one's own thinking. This represents the fear that history may repeat itself and the fear that one will be hurt again.

Five of Cups (Disappointment) represents the energy of emotional disappointment which makes you feel fragile, breakable and vulnerable. This energy takes us off balance, however can also be transformative.

Five of Wands (Strife) symbolizes the state of strife, anxiety and frustration. This is having abundant energy but not knowing what to do with that energy. This is holding back, energy that is being contained.

Five of Disks (Worry) symbolizes physical concern, worry and rumination. This is worry about external matters such as health, finances, work, creativity and relationships.



The Hierophant (X) symbolizes the Universal principle of Learning and Teaching that is experienced within our families and in Life challenges. It is about trusting our Faith in our own wonderful Being.

The capacity to integrate and to balance varied parts of ourselves and our lives is a result of listening to our inner teacher and instinctive faith which merges from deep within ourselves.

It is through learning and teaching that we experience what needs to be tempered and balanced both within ourselves and our family.

We are tempered and we discover the artistry of who we are when we face and move through fear of defeat (Five of Swords), disappointment (Five of Cups), anxiety/strife (Five of Wands) and worry (Five of Disks).



- Gifts & Challenges of Art -


Hierophant (Spiritual faith)

Art/Temperance (Integration/Synthesis)



Five of Swords (Fear of Defeat)

Five of Cups (Disappointment)

Five of Wands (Anxiety/Strife)

Five of Disks (Worry)



- Opposing Cards: some possibilities -

The Tower
extremes, exploding apart

Five of Wands
disagreement, competition, imbalance

Seven of Cups
excess, overindulgence

Five of Swords
discord, lack of harmony

Five of Disks
ill health



- Reinforcing Cards: some possibilities -

The World
integration, synthesis, combination

Two of Cups
connection, working together

Three of Cups
joining forces, working together

Two of Disks
balance, finding the right mix

Three of Disks
teamwork, combining



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