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"The value of the personal relationship to all things is that it creates intimacy and intimacy creates understanding and understanding creates love."

- Anais Nin

The Lovers is the Universal Archetype and Worldly Principle of Art and Craft of Relationships, also known as The Journey of the Twins. This wonderful Archetype of Love is found throughout the world in all cultures and across time. Astrologically this magnificent card is linked to the House of Gemini.



The Lovers Archetype in mythology represents the story of Brahma and Saraswati.

Brahma is the divine Creator god in the elegant Hindu mythos and is One in the triad known as the Trimurti. Brahma's kin include Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer. Creation evolved into Life from the seed of Brahma's cosmic waters.

Saraswati, the goddess of language, creative arts and learning is Brahma's wife and companion. From her flows the Sanskrit language evolved, ever-flowing in the waters of creative expression. Saraswati is Brahma's shakti, that enables Brahma's energies to flow in motion. Together they ride white swans on the fertile waters of spiritual Knowledge.



"Hand in hand, the lovers wade through the water. A mist swirls around them while Brahma's crystal ball illuminates the way. The trees represent the heavens, the earth, and the underworld. The tree roots penetrate the rippling waters, which contain the unconscious material of dreams. The reflections mirror emotions and the changeability of love and relationships. Saraswati holds the lotus flower, source of light and procreative powers. This is her offering to her partner. The swans symbolize Brahma and Saraswati with their noble and divine presence."

Lisa Hunt (Animals Divine)

The Lovers from The Thoth Tarot deck flows with pairing and balance; the two children, the couple facing one another, the young man and old man, the older woman and younger woman, the eagle and the lion, Cupid and the Orphic egg wrapped with the transformative Serpent.



"The symbolism of male and female is carried on still further by the weapons of the King and Queen; he bears the Sacred Lance, and she the Holy Grail; their other hands are joined, as consenting to the Marriage. Their weapons are supported by twin children, whose positions are counterchanged; for the white child not only holds the Cup, but carries roses, while the black child, holding his father's Lance, carries also the club, an equivalent symbol. At the bottom of the whole is the result of the Marriage in primitive and panmorphic form; it is the winged Orphic egg. This egg represents the essence of all that life which comes under this formula of male and female. It carries on the symbolism of the Serpents with which the King's robe is embroidered, and of the Bees which adorn the mantle of the Queen. The egg is grey, mingling white and black; thus it signifies the co-operation of the three Supernals of the Tree of Life. The colour of the serpent is purple, Mercury in the scale of the Queen. It is the influence of that God manifested in Nature, whereas the wings are tinged with crimson, the colour (in the King scale) of Binah the Great Mother. In this symbol is therefore a complete glyph of the equilibrium necessary to begin the Great Work. But, as to the final mystery, that is left unsolved. Perfect is the plan to produce life, but the nature of this life is concealed. It is capable of taking any possible form; but what form? That is dependant upon the influences attendant on gestation."

Aleister Crowley (The Book of Thoth)

The Lovers reminds us that in every flow of relationship whether it be with Your Beloved Soulmate, Partner, Family, Friends, Colleagues; for everything to shine with Brilliance what is required is; child-like innocence, curiosity and playfulness (symbolized by the Children), loyalty and commitment (symbolized by the Couple), wisdom, foresight and fortitude (symbolized by the Young and Old), balance of the Self (symbolized by the female and male) and the gift of personal space, allowing for introspection and contemplation (symbolized by the Hermit who is blessing the couple.) This is the only other place where the Hermit appears other than The Hermit card itself and hence must be looked at with great attention. The Hermit blesses the union between male and female.

The iron gates in the background symbolize the need for The Lovers not to be limited, restricted, barred or restrained in any way, that freedom of Spirit and space is a crucial need for the flow of balance and partnership to shine with radiant Magnificence.



"When two people are at one in their inmost hearts, they shatter even the strength of iron or bronze; and when two people understand each other in their inmost hearts, their words are sweet and strong, like the fragrance of orchids."


Eros, the God of Love, represented by Cupid in Greek mythology is both the eldest and youngest of all the gods and is symbolized by the older man and younger man and older woman and younger woman. Cupid reminds us that there are two kinds of love; love as passion and love as compassion.



Eros reminds us that there are six kinds of relationships where love and compassion are expressed; the Love of Eternity between Soulmates which flows as a mirror of Love for Your divine and sacred Self, the Love of servant and master (professional and collegial relationship), the Love between friend and friend, the Love between parent and child, the Love between husband and wife and the Love of relationships between ideas and creative projects.



The Lovers Archetype draws out the principles of duality, of good and evil, light and dark, positive and negative. Balance must be drawn out for the Yin and Yang in consciousness to extend into fruitful flavour.

The Lovers is also known as "The Children of the Voice" and is about determining your personal values and choices in the balance of companionship. Love and sex go hand-in-hand especially when there is a divine blessing, the urge for union is powerful and takes us beyond ourselves. The male and female complement each other in perfect balance and manifestation.



In the Ryder-Waite Tarot the Angel is blessing the bond between man and woman and reminds us that Deep Love is the strongest force of all. The card symbolizes tough value choices and the questioning that goes with this Marvellous Archetype. In some decks The Lovers shows a man torn between two women - a virgin and a temptress. This old-fashioned triangle symbolizes larger dilemmas we face when we come across making the right choice. The Lovers represents following your own path which sometimes means going against those who are urging you in a direction that is wrong for you. One must always follow the Heart for it will never lead you astray.

In the I-Ching hexagram of Breakthough there is a crucial statement about how to resolve the struggle between the light and the dark, of opposites that may be apparent within our own Divine natures;


"Even a single passion still lurking in the heart has power to obscure reason. Passion and reason cannot exist side by side. Therefore, fight without quarter is necessary if the good is to prevail. In a resolute struggle of the good against evil, there are, however, definite rules that must not be discarded if good is to succeed. First, resolution must be based on a union of strength and friendliness. Second, a compromise with evil is not possible: evil must under all circumstances be openly discredited. Nor must our own passions and shortcomings be glossed over. Third, the struggle must not be carried on directly by force. If evil is branded, it thinks of weapons, and if we do it the favour of fighting against it blow for blow, we lose in the end because thus we ourselves get entangled in hatred and passion. Therefore, it is important to begin at home, to be on guard in our own persons against the faults that we have branded. In this way, finding no opponent, the sharp edges of the weapons of evil become dulled. For the same reasons we should not combat our own faults directly. As long as we wrestle with them, they continue victorious. Finally, the best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good."



The energetic progress of the good within our own divine nature is symbolized by the four tools that are held by each of the children. In times of darkness which is represented by the child which is the dark figure, it is important that we trust our intuition, which is represented by the club/wand and that we have the right attitude in our beliefs and thinking which is symbolized by the spear/sword. In times of positivity, it is important that we follow what has heart and meaning, which is symbolized by the cup held by the child which is the white figure, and that through our action and behaviours we implement what has passion and heart for us symbolized by the cluster of pine cones/flowers that the child holds.



"Heed not the Siren-Voice of Sense, or the Phantom-Voice of Reason: rest in Simplicity, and listen to the Silence."

- Lon Milo DuQuette (Understanding Crowley's Thoth Tarot)



The creatures at the bottom of the card remind us of the three principles which are important for our relationships to flourish with goodness; Leo the Lion bursts forth with Creativity, Scorpio the Eagle reminds us to be clear on loyalties and priorities and the Orphic egg wrapped with the Serpent shows that all relationships are transformative experiences in order that we physically change like the egg and spiritually transform and let go of the old just as the snake shedding its old skin. Each relationship has an internal and spiritual connection which is symbolized by the wings attached to the egg. The egg also symbolizes that relationships will grow and flourish together.


In the process of Alchemy, The Lovers symbolizes the maxim "solve et coagula" which represents "solution and coagulation". The process of solve is represented by The Lovers and the process of coagula is in the card Art (XIV). "Solve et coagula" is the story of marriage and pregnancy. The main character is the child who is born from the union between male and female. Within the Zodiac, Gemini symbolizes The Lovers and Sagittarius symbolizes Art. Both cards are twinned with each other. The white eagle and red lion symbolize the female and the male, representing the Empress and Emperor. Within the Art card the red lion turns white and the white eagle turns red.

The Lovers is about Knowledge and fulfilment on every level of consciousness, being present in the Now, coming into balance and allowing the energy flow of love, desire, passion to meld the heart and mind of the Beholder of Life. It is when the true and authentic Self forms a union and marriage within to come to full fruition of Magnificence.



"To be drawn into an embrace, to seek that union that all souls ache for and desire, to know the oneness of passion and love and revel in it. Their eyes are open, but they gaze only at each other, oblivious to the sun that goes on turning above them and the gaze of the heavens. Neither gold and gem-encrusted crown of kings nor grapevine and flower-twined crown of peasants grace their brows, for the forces gathering around them make no such distinctions; indeed, their own senses have no awareness of such either."

"Take this seed," he says to her, placing an acorn in her palm.

"Water it with the fount of your spirit and intentions."

"And we shall see what grows of that," she replies.

"The Lovers is also about determining choices - the innocence embodied in the turtledoves is a contrast to the shiny red apple in the embrace of the snake, one of the oldest symbols of temptation. Likewise, the pure simplicity of the calla lily contrasts the lush and sensual complexity of a rose."

- Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore
(Shadowscapes Companion)

Within the path of Life it is important to bring Oneself into balance, bringing into union the feminine and masculine energies of ones own divine Self. It is important to forge good, strong relationships with animals and people, with Nature, see Yourself as the vision of Starlight in the Universe. Allow nurture and devotion to flow along the path of balance.

The Lovers archetype reminds us that fundamental sincerity is the only proper basis for forming loving and caring relationships of any kind.





- Establishing Bonds & Relating -

feeling love and devotion
forming a union and marriage
acknowledging kinship
sympathizing with another
getting closer and being intimate
making a connection


- Sexuality and seeking a Union -

experiencing desire
making love
opening to another
responding with passion
feeling physical attraction
tapping inner energy


- Establishing Personal Knowledge -

questioning received opinions
figuring out where you stand
staying true to yourself
setting your own philosophy
going by your own standards
making up your own mind


- Determining personal values -

struggling with temptation
choosing between right and wrong
facing an ethical and moral choice
refusing to let ends justify means
finding out what you truly care about
flowing truth from your Heart





- Streaming Passions unto the World -

Education, Knowledge, Learning, Reading, Writing, Teaching, Investigation, Inquiry, Rational Faculty, Intellect, Intelligence, Logic, Alertness, Deliberation, Correction, Improvement, Discrimination, Critical Aptitude, Analysis, Detail, Social Skills, Competence, Charm, Sophistication, Diplomacy, Adaptability, Interaction, Coalition, Blending, Co-operation, Synthesis, Bridging Gaps, Mind, Thought, Mental Process, Acuity, Curiosity, Language, Communication

Debate, Argument, Sophistry, Erudition, Science, Technical Ability, Inventiveness, Harmony, Telephone, Machines, Computers, Gadgets, Scientific Genius, Technical Prowess, Innovation, Diversification, Change of Domestic Setting, Crossroad Junctures, Ending of a Phase of Communication, Ending of a Cycle of Co-operation and Affiliation, Conclusion of Business or Intimate Relationship, Half-way Stages, Decision, Choices, Compromises, Siblings, Friends, Neighbours, Visitors, House Guests, Everyday Contacts, Room Mates, Meetings, Agreements, Schedules, Routines, Comings and Goings




- Abandoning the Flow of Love -

Superficiality, Worldliness, Extroversion, Indifference, Pre-occupation with Social Etiquette, Ambivalence, Pre-occupation with Trivia, Manipulation, Pre-occupation with Fashion and Image, Gossip, Meddling, Fuss, Vanity, Scheming, Social and Intellectual Arrogance, Poor Time Economy, Disagreements, Fault-Finding, Misunderstanding, Scatterings, Indecision, Lack of Empathy, Sophistry, Performance, Duplicity, Deceit, Hyperbole




- Re-balancing the Sacred Self -

Unclear Thinking, Indecision, Lack of Detail, Resistance, Unclear Communication, No Planning, No Skill, Inflexibility, Lack of Discernment, Irrational Choices, Discretion, Secretiveness, Lack of Order and Organization, Failed Contracts, Hesitation, Heedless of Good Advise, Failed Collaboration, Indecision, Not able to adapt to Change, Failed Agreements, Rudeness, Deceit, Ending of Friendships, Ignored Facts or Data, Limited Understanding, A One-Sided View, Skewed Perspectives, Keeping Things Back, Delays, Inability to speak forth-rightly, Clandestine Activity, Fatigue, Disagreements and Problems with Siblings/Relatives, Increased Empathy, Incompatible People, Breakdown in Domestic Routines, Schedule Complications, Poor Time Keeping, No Social Grace, Unsophisticated Behaviour, Antisocial Tendencies, Dishonesty, Bad News, Loss of Interest, Ineptitude, Maturation, Ending of Superficiality



"The reversal asks to strengthen the positive and release the negative. Any path will always lead to both being fulfilled."

- Michael Tsarion




- Drawing Breath of Spirit -

Lungs, Breath, Vocal Chords, Voice, Arms, Hands, Synapses, Brain Function, Electromagnetism, Chemical Balance, Acuity, Agility, Motility, Comprehension, Grace



The Lovers as a Life-Time Personality Symbol

For those whose birthday adds up to the number six, The Lovers represents your Life-Time Personality Spiritual Symbol. The Archetype of The Lovers shines deep within your Spirit and you have great capacity to motivate and inspire people of all ages, generations and places, symbolized by the children, the couple and older and younger people.

You work well with people on a one-to-one basis and also as a group. You have a marvellous gift of teaching the art and craft of relating with ideas, creativity and people. You have strong fundamentals in establishing relationship lines and have an excellent perception on what is working and what is not working in relationships.

Your greatest ability stems from weighing choices between two situations, people and issues to create a greater whole. When two parts of a whole come together then what is created is beautiful and magical, surpassing the original in depth and breadth of vitality and wholeness. It is about synthesizing, integrating polarities, oppositions and paradoxes.

You are gifted in putting together ideas, situations, people that others had not thought of as workable. You have a great sensitivity to people and relationships.

It is vitally important to give yourself space like The Hermit to integrate and experience your own unique flows. The Hermit Archetype is all about contemplation, introspection, emotional and psychological space.



The Lovers as a Growth Symbol

During Lovers years when your birthday and the current year add up to twenty-four or six you may experience a deep need to reassess all your relationships with friends, family, colleagues and those you hold deep emotional bonds with.

It is a good time to assess whether you have the kind of support that works for you and to also let go of that which does not work for you. It is a year where you may want to deepen and expand certain relationships and where you want to distance and shed from relationships which do not work for you anymore.

The Lovers is the Gemini symbol, a weighing between two; two options, two directions, two people, two situations. This is the time when you can create a greater whole in your life both personally and professionally. It is a time when to make relationships equal and special.

This archetype symbol peaks in the month of Gemini (May 21st to June 21st) Gemini people could function as mirrors and choices in your personal and professional life. The Lovers year is a choice making year where you creatively bring two or more choices together to create a greater whole.



The Lovers as an Outer Mirror

When you are drawn to The Lovers symbol and when you pull it from the deck, this flowing card represents your current skills with people of all ages and places. The Archetype of The Lovers affirms that you are in the period of making choices about important relationships in your Life, especially those you would like to deepen and expand and also those you want to distance and shed for a temporary time.

The Lovers also indicates your need not to be barred or limited in relationships and your desire to work with people on a one-to-one basis and also in groups. It is also about choices to be made about children and older people in your life and how to integrate two or more situations and choices together.

This could also could indicate choices concerning Gemini people in your Life (May 21st to June 21st).



The Lovers as a Visual Affirmation & Meditative Symbol

The Lovers is a perfect symbol to meditate upon for affirming relationships and people skills, especially if you have difficulty in relating to people in your life. This wonderful archetype is perfect for increasing one’s choice making ability, in bringing together two or more forms to create a greater whole, making definitive choices between two issues, two situations and two people.

The card also affirms your ability and capacity to work with people of all ages, places; children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

The Lovers archetype is an incredible visual portraiture in knowing how to deepen and expand relationships and knowing which relationships have served their purpose and outgrown the flows along your path.


Sample Affirmations

I enjoy working with people of all ages and places.

I have inherent people skills.

Emotionally, I am sure about what I need and want, and what I don’t need and want, in the area of relationships.

I deeply honour and value the principle of friendship and the quality of Love that I bring into my Life and that I express in my Life.



Symbols that are facets of The Lovers

The Lovers is the archetype associated with expressing and extending the art and craft of relationships. Essential qualities that are also needed are;




Six of Swords (Science) symbolizing the science of mind, the objective mind, the fair witnessing mind, attitude of objectivity and looking at situations realistically as they are rather than how you want them to be.

Six of Cups (Pleasure) representing pleasure that is healing (copper cups), revitalising (orange lotus blossoms), renewing and regenerating (snakes coiled within the cups), to extend fun and pleasure.

Six of Wands (Victory) symbolizing elemental victory which is a win/win situation rather than a win/lose situation.

Six of Discs (Success) representing the formula for success in relationships and creative projects. Six steps represented by the astrological symbols; Saturn - not push or hold back; Jupiter – to be open and flexible; Venusfollow your Heart and what has meaning; Moon – stay in honesty and integrity and not abandon ourselves; Mercurycommunicate effectively with artful timing; Marsgive vital and consistent energy.



The Devil (XV) symbolizes Pan and the merry goat, Capricorn; manifesting The Lovers card outwardly in the world and in your Life. The Pan within us requires that we look at whatever is bedevilling us or troubling us in relationships with the stability of Capricorn the goat and with the mirth/humour of Pan.

Taking things too seriously sets us off balance and so Pan and Capricorn remind us that through humour and stability we are able to manifest Objectivity in the Mind (Six of Swords), Pleasure in the Heart (Six of Cups), Victory in the Spirit (Six of Wands) and Success in the External World and in our relationships through our actions and behaviour (Six of Discs).



- Gifts & Challenges of The High Priestess -


The Lovers (Art and Craft of Love)

The Devil/Pan (Mirth and Stability)

The Six of Swords (Science/Objectivity)

The Six of Cups (Pleasure)

The Six of Wands (Victory)

The Six of Disks (Success)



To model the art and craft of relationships and to utilise inherent people skills in the flow of devotion with each other.



Opposing Cards: some possibilities -

The Empress
sexual fulfilment

The Two of Cups
union, marriage, connection

The Nine of Cups
sexual pleasure

The Ten of Cups
family relationships, bonding

The Ten of Pentacles
permanent unions, family ties



- Reinforcing Cards: some possibilities -

The Hierophant
established beliefs

The Hermit
being alone, not relating, less sexuality

The Five of Cups
loss in relationships

Three of Swords
rejection, separation



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