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"Something is beginning now. The winds gather in whirling eddies to summon the guardians of the skies: the wisps and the souls and the feathered ones. From that vortex, something arises that will force the duality of the Ace of Swords to slice one way or the other."

- Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore
(Shadowscapes Companion)

The Ace of Swords is the Universal Archetype and Worldly Principle of Mental Clarity, Inventiveness and Originality. A new cycle of intense activity, creative and enterprise thinking has begun in your Life and now is the time to be in the moment whilst moving forward with Creative Thinking, being inspired, motivated and innovative.

It is the right time to Balance intuitive thinking with emotional intensity, whilst expanding your awareness and consciousness. The Ace is the mind that has shed all doubts and confusions, by piercing through the clouds of doubt and insecurity.



"The creative mind is revealed by the green sword. The Ace of Swords represents the balanced and receptive mind, which is portrayed by the crescent moons on the handle of the sword. The creative mind is willing to express itself dynamically, which is represented by the suns, the two balls on the handle, and is constantly renewing and regenerating itself, which is represented by the snake on the handle of the sword."

- Angeles Arrien (The Tarot Handbook)

In the beautifully illustrated Animals Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt, the ducklings hatch out of the egg of Life, symbolizing the flow of new ideas manifesting out into the World. The vines on the sword signify the expansion of ideas beyond the confines of the nest. The red hilt represents passion for Life and the pursuit of Dreams. The ducklings are ready to venture from the safety of their birthplace.



First they need to learn to swim in the waters beyond the safety of their nest and then they will fly! This means creating an atmosphere of mental stimulation for yourself whilst maintaining a sense of purpose as you embark on an intense period of personal enlightenment.

The Ace of Swords is a powerful symbol in areas of intelligence, reason, justice, truth, clarity and Fortitude. A seed of clear understanding has been planted in your Life. When the seed sprouts it will take on the form that most resonates with your journey and will give new energy to your path.


"The sword pierces the crown, a symbol of expanded awareness. The crown represents the aha experience, or the mind that has gleaned a new insight; a new awareness. This is the mind that has come out of the clouds of doubt and confusion, totally into the light, into a new place of clarity."

- Angeles Arrien (The Tarot Handbook)



The Ace will test you in challenging ways, it is out of this catharsis that the Spirit of freshness will emerge. The Ace reminds to face your challenge, whatever it is, with Courage, honesty and a firm resolve. There is opportunity in every challenge.


"When you see the Ace of Swords, examine your life to see how its clean, sharp energy could work for you. Think about your problem objectively. Look for situations that are unjust or confusing and resolve to set them right. Above all else, commit to being honest and ethical. This card tells you that you do have the inner resources to overcome all obstacles and find the truth of your situation. That is the promise of the Ace of Swords."

- Joan Bunning (Learning the Tarot)



The Ace of Swords is the mind that is the clear blue sky. Creative thinking, brain storming, intuitive thinking and decision making are at the cusp in the personality of the Ace.


"A sword is double-edged. It can slice with the swift assurance of justice to clear the obstructions that hide the truth. It can be the beacon to use intelligence and fairness to achieve clarity. Or it can be wielded with the arrogance of raw power in the heat of rage. These are the two sides of the strength that is embodied in this weapon - two very different uses of force to work one's will upon the world."

- Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore
(Shadowscapes Companion)



In mythology, the Ace of Swords is associated with King Arthur and the Round Table. The search for the Grail and the application of wisdom achieved from retrieving the sword lodged in the stone is reflected by the Ace of Swords.



The marvellous Ace of Swords represents the first of the mixed elements. It is the result of the Union of Water and Air. The Sword in the centre implies Kingship, piercing the crown with twelve points, relating to the Heavenly and Divine Zodiac. Triumph, the excessive degree in all things, the Spirit of Conquest, Love and Hatred appear as a warning to keep balance within the Self.


"The Ace of Swords is the primordial Energy of Air, the Essence of the Vau of Tetragrammaton, the integration of the Ruach. Air is the result of the conjunction of Fire and Water..."

- Aleister Crowley (The Book of Thoth)

In the Egyptian Tarot, the Ace of Swords is known as Chemu. This is the dynamic energy of Spring reflecting the desire to expand one's own area of action. It can also reflect an oversensitive character in the Eye of the Beholder.



In the marvellously crafted Shadowscapes Companion Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore, the Ace of Swords is akin to Nature's Beauty.


"These are the slyphs of the air, and the guardians for the swords: the winged beings of the sky. A swan is lovely - she possesses downy white feathers and a slender neck that arcs with a sinuous grace - but that delicacy is a façade that cloaks a strong body and fierce nature that is unafraid of standing up. The swan will fight to protect its own, and strong wings open to catch and ride the winds across great distances."



In Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot by Lon Milo DuQuette the author explores the mystical essence of the Ace of Swords from an astrological and Quabalistic point of observation, wherein the Ace is held by the Root Powers of the Air.

Ruach is the intellect part of the Soul. To some, the mind is known as the Great Enemy.


"The mind violently resists identification with any higher levels of consciousness. Consequently, from out of the mind springs conflict, frustration, anxiety, worry, and sorrow. Is it any wonder the suit of Swords is filled with so many unpleasant cards? However, in the proper hands, the sword can be the weapon that cuts through crap, and the Ace of Swords is the sword of the Magus, "crowned with the 22 rayed diadem of pure Light."

The number twenty-two is the number of The Fool and hence the Sun as the journey of exploration and adventure is begun.

In Magick, Liber ABA, Book Four, Crowley describes the sword;


"The hilt of the Sword should be made of copper. The guard is composed of the two crescents of the waxing and the waning Moon - back to back. Spheres are placed between them, forming an equilateral triangle with the sphere of the pommel. The blade is straight, pointed, and sharp right up to the guard. It is made of steel to equilibrate with the hilt, for steel is the metal of Mars, as copper is of Venus .... The hilt is Venus, for Love is the motive of this ruthless analysis - if this were not so the Sword would be a Black Magical weapon. The pommel of the Sword is in Daäth, the guard extends to Chesed and Geburah; the point is in Malkuth."



Upon the blade, the Greek word Thelema (Will) in Arabic is engraved and hence through your will of determination, all Life will succeed.

The Ace of Swords is associated with the air sign months of Libra (September 21 to October 21), Aquarius (January 21 to February 21), Gemini (May 21 to June 21).

All the Aces stand for a year's time, so whenever one pulls this card, these qualities are associated with the creative, innovative and inspired clear mind for the main focal duration of a Year.

The months of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are good times to execute ideas. During these months you can come to Greater clarity and bond more with Air sign people in your Life.





- Using Mental Force -

being objective
thinking your way through
finding out the facts
analyzing the situation
using your intellect
applying logic and reason

- Having Fortitude -

overcoming adversity
facing problems
resolving a situation
finding the strength to overcome
surmounting obstacles
being undaunted by setback

- Seeking Justice -

righting a wrong
championing a cause
doing what is right
establishing the truth
accepting responsibility
wanting what is fair

- Proceeding with Truth -

dispelling doubts
cutting through confusion
seeing through illusions
having clear understanding
being honest
finding out what is real




- Returning to the Truth of Ourselves -

Reason, Openings, Brilliance, Honesty, New Understandings, Intelligence, Accuracy, New approaches to old problems, Debate, Foresight, Study, Avowal, Exposing Intentions, Establishing boundaries, Attention to Detail, Instruction, Science, Beginnings, Criticism, Sound Judgement, Outmoded Beliefs Discarded, Analysis, Renewal, Certainty, Revelation, Research, Unemotional Vision, Proclamation, New routines, Discerning Truth, Judgements, New patterns of thought and experience, Genius, Empowerment, Speaking Up, Verdicts, Discernment, Exposing Lies, Major Choices, New ways of interacting, Insight, Acuity, Good Advice, Order, Deception Uncovered, Clarity, Teaching, Agreements, Decisions, Attention, Investigation, Exposing Fraud, Bearing the Breast, Discrimination, Objectivity, Examination, Declarations, Organisation




- Loss of True Path of Enlightenment -

Coldness, Vanity, Fanaticism, Cunning, Interrogation, Prying, Ruthlessness, Lack of emotion, Callousness, Scheming, Interference, Dictatorial behaviour, Obsession, Spite, Meddlesomeness, Evil




- Inappropriate choices and Warped perspectives -

Incompetent Judgements, Bad decisions, Confusion, Misunderstanding, Disagreement, Truth disregarded, Emotionality, Deception, Sabotage, Fatigue, No common sense, Manipulation, Blindness, Lies, Crossed wires, Quarrels, Denial, Plagiarization, Inept Communication, Paranoia, Corruption, Depression, Animosity, Subjectivity, Theft, Rules flaunted, New Projects abandoned, Schedule mishaps, Advice unheeded, Foolish ideas, Infirmity, Mental dysfunction, Procrastination, Retardation, Irrationality, Disorder, Hesitation, Insanity, Illness, Delay



"The reversal asks to strengthen the positive and release the negative. Any path will always lead to both being fulfilled."

- Michael Tsarion





- Ace-Ace Pairs -

An Ace-Ace pair shows that a new Spirit is entering your Life.

Ace of Swords
intelligence, reason, justice, truth, clarity

Ace of Wands

Ace of Cups
creativity, excitement, adventure, courage

Ace of Pentacles
deep feelings, intimacy, attunement
compassion, love, prosperity
abundance, trust, security




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